Guess who the organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference and their friends in GOProud are blaming for all the conservative groups dropping out of participation in their meeting next month.

Is David Keene, the president of the American Conservative Union, which hosts the annual event, blaming himself for approving a role by homosexual activists at CPAC?

Is Keene blaming himself for not noticing that his ex-wife and financial administrator was misplacing some $400,000 of donor money?

Is Keene blaming himself for not listening to his own board when they issued what amounted to a no-confidence vote on his GOProud decision?

Is Keene blaming himself for appointing to that board people with conflicts of interest and divided loyalties?

Is Keene blaming himself for having a tin ear, not seeking the counsel of many and by picking fights within the conservative movement in an effort to make himself look better with the press?

Or how about GOProud?

Are officials of that organization reflecting on how their own selfish interests have divided the movement they claim to support?

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The across-the-board answer to those questions is an unequivocal no.

Keene and GOProud are blaming me.

GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia told the Daily Caller that the controversy over his group’s involvement was “by and large driven by a man by the name of Joe Farah of WorldNetDaily.”

“He realized that it got him a lot of publicity,” LaSalvia said.

To which I have to reply, “It did?”

What publicity was that?

GOProud has been the happy recipient of at least 100 times the publicity I have received for challenging them. The tiny but well-funded group is on TV practically daily. I have not been on once to talk about this controversy – even to answer the ad hominem attacks dished out at me by name by GOProud, their surrogates and other hacks on all three cable news networks.

I guess hearing myself called names like “fake Christian” and “publicity whore” on television without any opportunity to respond is the kind of publicity I was seeking.

What about Keene?

Keene dismissed the whole controversy as originating in what he called “the fever swamps” of WND, according to Politico.

What he didn’t mention was how much he tried to be a part of the fever swamps of WND several years ago. He wanted to be a columnist here. But I didn’t like the way he tried to sell his services as a political consultant to businesses by using his column, which appears instead in the apparently less discriminating fever swamps of Townhall and the Hill.

Keene’s memory is a little shorter.

He claims his troubles all started last year when I got mad at him because he wouldn’t permit me to talk about Barack Obama’s eligibility problems at CPAC.

I did get angry with Keene and his GOProud-supporting executive director, Lisa DiPasquale. But not for snubbing me and the eligibility issue. What angered me was the fact that neither had the decency and good manners to ever answer my courteous and polite written request, but instead boasted publicly about turning down my private request in an interview with the Los Angeles Times – using insulting and degrading language in an apparent effort to ingratiate themselves with the media elite.

Nevetheless, had Keene and DiPasquale been courteous and professional, I would still see that my news organization broke the news about the problems CPAC has created for itself over the last couple years. It’s just the right thing to do.

I’m proud of the work our staff has done on this story. And I have no regrets about my own outspokenness, because Keene and DiPasquale have to go if CPAC is to survive the mess they’ve made.

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