Let’s try a little thought experiment. Let’s imagine that America has oil reserves greater than Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, let’s imagine that to extract and transport that oil would employ tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans. And let’s imagine that many of these workers had specialized skills – not “higher education” – and commanded paychecks in excess of $100,000 per year.

Finally, let’s imagine that the oil that is extracted and sold is limited to the American market – and sold at a 20 percent discount to the world price.

Do you see what I see? Do you see the biggest economic boom in America’s history?

Do you see new products and services of all kinds springing up to serve these new workers and their industry? Do you see housing revived? Do you see a new generation of American manufacturers, developing the finest products in the world and providing excellent, living-wage jobs and benefits to modestly skilled workers?

Do you see intact families that are economically secure? Do you see the demise of welfare and economic dependency, that accompanies a booming jobs market?

Of course – all of this is just a dream – isn’t it?

The oil itself isn’t a dream.

The rest of what we’ve just imagined is a dream in the minds of conservatives and entrepreneurs. But is it a dream – or a nightmare – for the political left in America?

Ask yourself why this dream doesn’t resonate with the Democrats – almost all of whom left the House of Representatives during the reading of the U.S. Constitution.

Ask yourself why – with global warming exposed as a monumental fraud upon humanity – the left wants no part of extracting America’s oil and using it for the benefit of America’s people.

The left says they want lower unemployment. The left says they want to help ordinary, hard-working families. The left says they want to help the poor.

So why isn’t America extracting this oil?

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