Once again a senseless loss of life has befallen those whose job it is to protect us. This time it was two brave law-enforcement officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department. And as predictable as daylight, Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., blamed the murders on relaxed gun-control laws.

My grandmother used say, there is such a thing as “throwing the baby out with the bath water.” And that’s exactly what legislators and anti-gun lobbies move to do at every opportunity. There are over of 22,000 gun laws on the books. Which of them protected those officers? Pursuant to firearms, there are restrictions upon restrictions, elaborate safeties, gunlocks and mandated gun-cabinets. Which of them protected those officers?

We don’t need more gun control – we need more criminal control. It’s a shopworn maxim that cannot be repeated enough – guns don’t kill, people do. You can leave a duffle bag full of loaded AK-47s on the busiest sidewalk in the city or town of your choice, and I guarantee you that not one of those assault rifles will take themselves out of the duffle bag, point themselves at a passerby and pull their own triggers.

An honest person, or persons, would take the duffle bag to authorities, but a criminal would take the rifles to cohorts to be distributed, if they don’t first use them in a criminal act along the way. The obvious point being, we don’t need protection from the law-abiding; we need protection from criminals – and no number of onerous gun-control laws is going to accomplish that.

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It’s time we stopped penalizing the law-abiding and did more to protect our law-enforcement officers and the rights of law-abiding citizens. And that can only be accomplished if we stop mollycoddling criminals. But lawmakers and their gun-control lobbyist benefactors would rather punish the innocent.

I can appreciate and respect the tragedy that the James Brady family suffered when a crazed lunatic attempted to assassinate President Reagan, but I can point to tens of millions of firearm owners, enthusiasts, collectors, recreationists, sportsmen and competitors who at the specific moment of that crime not only did not participate in that crime, but weren’t even remotely considering shooting anyone. They didn’t pull the trigger that fired that gun, so why punish them?

A butcher with a medical license and a permit to operate an abortion clinic maimed women and murdered babies in Philadelphia for years. I don’t hear any these legislators calling for an end to abortion. Instead, they say that doctor is an anomaly and exception. The fact is there were clinics in Chicago that rivaled the one in Philadelphia, and a dumpster full of murdered babies was found behind an abortion clinic in California.

I don’t see/hear legislators enacting stricter measures pursuant to Muslims and mosques in the aftermath of numerous terrorist acts by them against Americans.

Safety locks and elaborate, mandated features haven’t stopped crime – so how about if we concentrate more on the criminals? How about we find ways to limit the influence of the ACLU, Congress and race hustlers’ interference.

Law-enforcement personnel I’ve spoken to indicate they know what to do and how to do it best, but too many times their hands are tied by those who see them as the bad guy and the criminals as just misunderstood or not responsible for sociological reasons.

Lawmakers and advocacy groups are quick to attempt to legislate the actions and behavior of responsible citizens, but they’re not as quick to allow law enforcement to do the things they could do to reduce crime and make urban neighborhoods safe. How many of the nearly 200 law-enforcement officers that were murdered in the line of duty in 2010 were murdered by the firearm owners I reference?

Despite what they claim, it appears to reasonable minds that their anti-gun positions are more about social control than public safety. If lawmakers and gun-control advocates were serious about crime, they would attack the situation differently. But they’re not anti-crime; they’re anti-firearms and anti-firearm ownership. They use crime as a shield to accomplish their goals of dismantling the Second Amendment and removing firearms from the hands of every person.

It’s time we got certain advocacy groups, race-hustlers, the ACLU and politicians out of the way and let our police do what’s necessary to tackle criminal violence in a real and reasonable way.

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