Despite national press reports to the contrary, the Hawaii state legislature has no intention of releasing Barack Obama’s long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate – not even for $100.

By introducing HB1116 into the Hawaii legislature last week, five Democrats are giving the impression they are willing to make Obama’s long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate available to the public for a fee.

Instead, the plan is for the state of Hawaii to create a completely new document that will be carefully designed to carry the seal of the state of Hawaii without ever having to certify details of parentage and birthplace.

Hawaii’s Revised Statute HRS338 restricts making public birth certificate and other vital records only to those who have a “direct and tangible interest,” namely the person applying for the certified birth certificate copy, a member of the immediate family, or others with a legal interest such as an adoptive parent or a legal guardian.

Now, the language of HB1116 attempts to skirt these restrictions by modifying Hawaii law such that for a fee of $100, the Hawaii Department of Health will release “a copy of a birth record” for those HB1116 defines as “persons of prominence.”

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The tip-off that the proposed legislation intends to withhold from public disclosure Obama’s long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate, if such a document exists, came in an interview with Democratic Rep. John Mizuno, one of the Democratic co-sponsors of the measure.

“If the people are so concerned about Barack Obama and if he was actually born in Hawaii, born in the United States, let them pay a fee of 100 bucks,” Mizuno told KHON2. “We can certainly use the money, and we don’t need to hear their complaining anymore.”

Mangieri in reporting Mizuno’s comments noted Hawaiian lawmakers sponsoring the bill acknowledge they will need to clear the confidentiality hurdles in state law that prohibit the Department of Health from disclosing any information about a Hawaii vital record unless the requester has a direct and tangible interest in the record.

“We’re hoping to work with our legal department, the attorney general’s office, for an opinion to see if we can craft something which will justify that it is true, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and will have the state seal to certify that,” Mizuno told KHON2. “Something very generic but won’t violate any federal or state law.”

Mizuno and the other Democrats co-sponsoring the measure plan to put the seal of the state of Hawaii on the newly created document.

“So if there’s 1 million people on the mainland asking for his birth certificate, send over a $100 check or money order, and we’ll send you over something certifying that he was born in Hawaii,” Mizuno said. “That’s 1 million people – that’s $100 million to the state.”

Nor did Mizuno stop there.

“The president of the United States, the No. 1 person in our country, from Hawaii – we need to capitalize,” he continued. “If we don’t take advantage of it, we’re out of our minds. This is a golden opportunity.”

In a separate development, it is now confirmed Dr. Neal Palafox did not withdraw his nomination as the new director of Hawaii’s Department of Health, as was initially reported from Hawaii.

Instead, the governor’s staff has now revealed that Gov. Neil Abercrombie asked Palafox to withdraw.

“While the governor’s staff would not discuss the reasons or circumstances surrounding the sudden departure, Donalyn Dela Cruz, the governor’s spokeswoman, confirmed last night that it was the governor and not Palafox who asked for the withdrawal,” Derrick DePledge reported in the Honolulu Star Advertiser Friday.

Also cast in doubt as a possible “cover story” was the initial allegation Palafox had withdrawn his nomination because he was involved in a fraud investigation.

“He did not volunteer it on his own,” Brook Hart, Palafox’s attorney, told the Star Advertiser. “He had no idea why the governor asked him to resign. But he did because the governor asked him to do so.”

Hart also told the newspaper that Palafox has no information about any fraud investigation.

“He [Palafox] has no information at this point why there’s an investigation, what the investigation is about or even a hint about what it is that somebody is claiming he did wrong.”

The newspaper reported that before Abercrombie nominated him, Palafox, 58, was a professor and chairman of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine and the former director of the family-practice residency program. He is also on the medical staff at Wahiawa General Hospital.

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