Just say no to feminists’ boot camp

By Jane Chastain

If someone approaches you in a shopping center parking lot and asks you to finance a boot camp for radical feminists, would you:

a) laugh, thinking it was a joke?

b) respond, “You’ve got to be kidding”? or

c) run the other way?

Now let’s put some meat on the bones of the solicitor: a little girl, somewhere between the ages of 5 and 16. She is looking up at you, smiling sweetly with a look of expectation. She is dressed in a Daisy, Brownie or Girl Scout uniform – yes, a Girl Scout uniform!

Long considered a paragon of virtue and as American as apple pie, in the last decades the Girl Scouts have taken a sharp left turn. Today’s Girl Scouts have lost the traditional moorings established by Juliette Low and now mirror the ideals of Gloria Steinem.

Over the next six weeks, millions of Americans will unwittingly shell out some $700 million to buy their cookies. The money from these cookie sales will be used to turn young girls into militant, anti-God, men-hating citizens of a greater global universe, where everything is situational, free love is practiced and abortion is a basic human right.

Unfortunately, most of these girls come from conservative, God-fearing households whose parents are unaware (or in denial) that the organization has morphed into the feminists’ boot camp of choice. Just look at the organization’s major sponsor: the Dove Self Esteem Fund and Unilever, a perennial donor of Planned Parenthood.

Examine the organizations the Girl Scouts are promoting: CARE, a leading lobbyist for abortion-on-demand worldwide, the population control organization UNICEF, MTV, the Women’s Media Center founded by Steinem and Jane Fonda, and Media Matters, which is funded by George Soros and run by a cadre of left-wing progressive socialists.

“Out” are the ranks and badges girls proudly displayed to indicate a mastery of useful skills. “In” are the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, which are won by taking a series of “Journeys” toward the New Age.

A new Journeys series was announced Jan. 17. Guess the last one wasn’t radical enough.

The new program doesn’t tell you that a godless New Age is the final destination, but anyone who critically examines it will recognize the obvious. Unfortunately, most parents and local leaders will not do the homework before they enroll their girls. The Girl Scout hierarchy is banking on the fact that once parents/leaders begin a program they are reluctant to stop. By design, the first Journeys begin innocently enough, but there are tell-tell signs. The Brownies (grades 2 and 3) are introduced to yoga, encouraged to emulate a girl who has read all of the Harry Potter books and told to “hold a special stone” (a dumb rock) to help remember a happy time.

It isn’t until grade 4 that you realize the great I AM has been invited to take a hike. An asterisk suddenly appears by the word “God” making Him an option in the Girl Scout promise. The new God is self, or “self-esteem.” At this level the girls are introduced to muses and invited to adopt one of their own.

The Journey for the fourth- and fifth-graders introduces girls to Josefina Lopez and her play “Simply Maria,” or “The American Dream.” In this play, the father figure and religion are presented as evil. The oppressed mother tells her daughter that sex is dirty and her job is to obey her husband – no matter what – and bear lots of children. However, Maria learns there is a life that doesn’t include cooking and cleaning and that nice girls can enjoy sex and don’t have to be a virgin when they marry.

The girls are encouraged to go to Media Matters and the Women’s Media Center with its links to National Organization for Women, Feminist Majority Foundation, Planned Parenthood, etc. for further enlightenment.

Junior Scouts can earn the “Our Rights, Our Responsibilities” patch by going to third-party websites like UNICEF, which tells them how to make “Condom Cupcakes” and role play about having sex with or without a condom.

The Fifth Journey for Senior Scouts is “Mission – Sisterhood,” which is a full embrace of the “women’s rights movement.”

So, what are you going to do when a Girl Scout approaches you with a box of cookies this year?

I’m going to politely decline Then, I will hand her leader some material on American Heritage Girls. It’s the only all-girls organization that has a formal relationship with the Boy Scouts of America. Now, those two organizations won’t compromise your values and are worthy of your support.