Freedom Works sent out an e-mail Tuesday over the signature of Dick Army that states: “Our latest intel indicates that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to offer a Repeal Obamacare amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill today!”

And now John McCain is singing the praises of Barack Hussein Obama as a centrist. Lindsay Graham will not be far behind McCain.

Only two days ago, the media were covering a comment by Obama in 2008 where he said that he did not want mandatory insurance as part of health-care reform (they neglected to add that Obama actually wanted a government-controlled socialist single-payer model).

We are all being set up. These guys do not want Obamacare to go to the Supreme Court because it will force the justices to define the limits of the powers of Congress and the executive branch. So they (Democrats and RINOs) are preparing us for a repeal of Obamacare in such a way that Obama can let it happen without embarrassing himself.

Look at the current situation.

The tea party are beating the snot out of RINOs and Democrats.

All the exemptions to Obamacare are being exposed (773 to date with most of them to unions).

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All the embedded taxes in Obamacare are being exposed ($1 trillion dollars of additional taxes, or Obamacare will increase the deficit by a trillion dollars).

The lawsuits challenging Obamacare are headed to the Supreme Court, which likely would make a decision in 2012 just before the elections.

RINOs and Democrats do not want this to go to the Supreme Court; rather, they want to get rid of the tea party.

OK, folks, this is my prediction: Harry Reid will act like he cannot stop the repeal vote in the Senate, and the Senate will approve the repeal. Then Obama will complain, but will allow the repeal to happen without a veto.

What makes me say this? The fact that the fix is in!

And guys like Mitch McConnell and John McCain are part of it – as are the media.

Those clips of Obama from 2008 where he claims that he did not want mandatory insurance are meant to make us think that he is OK with a repeal of Obamacare and that he was not in favor of mandatory insurance. The comments by McCain are just the start of a campaign to convince America Obama is a centrist. It will ignore Obama’s actions of the last two years and his voting record in the Senate.

This action will keep Obamacare from going to the Supreme Court and potentially embarrassing him and the Democrats. It will take the spotlight off the exemptions and the added taxes. It allows Obama to claim that things have changed from 2008 and that the repeal is the will of the people.

Most of all … this will deal a major blow to the tea party.

Without Obamacare, the tea party lacks a glittering issue to capture the attention of the public in 2012. Then, if Obama actually cuts government spending and deficits, and if guys like McCain continue to endorse Obama’s actions, the wind will be taken out of the tea party’s’ sails. The hurricane wind of the tea party will be reduced to a light breeze.

The old-line guys like McConnell and McCain don’t want the tea party. They can’t control tea-party activists. (Remember that McConnell wanted to continue earmarks until the tea party pressured him, and McCain actually had to campaign for his Senate seat in the primary election because of the tea party). So of course McConnell and McCain are cooperating with Reid and Obama to use methods for repeal that make it look like Reid cannot stop it and that Obama is a centrist.

These Republicans are cooperating with Obama. A repeal of Obamacare means no Supreme Court ruling, no stipulation by the Supreme Court about the limitations of Congress, no embarrassment for Democrats and reduced impact of tea party in 2012.

Obama will be able to claim that he tried to help the disadvantaged with health-care reform. Republicans will be able to claim that they got Obamacare repealed.

Republicans and Democrats all get things they want. This is compromise at its worst, as it marginalizes the tea party.

Without this going to the Supreme Court, Americans are the ones who lose, since the justices will not rule on the limitations of Congress.

What a bunch of con men!


Michael Master is the author of “Save America Now!”

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