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A Call for Unified Conservatism

Real conservatives know that nothing can stop a powerful, universal principle in the hands of a dedicated and motivated people.

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Our strength as conservatives comes from our dedication to principles and our understanding that conservatism isn’t a cafeteria philosophy, where you can pick and choose which issues are most important to the movement.  Conservatism has always stood upon the interwoven themes of a strong national defense, fiscal restraint, and respect for traditional values.

In the last few weeks, we have seen efforts to threaten the integrity of our movement, and we have seen leading conservatives respond by affirming the importance of social issues—of the family, of life, of religious liberty and traditional marriage.

Though the American Principles Project declined to participate in CPAC because of the inclusion of GOProud, a group that actively works against the traditional values positions that are so important to social conservatism, we remain strongly committed to a strong, vibrant conservative movement.

In that spirit, we would like to offer our best wishes to Mr. Al Cardenas, the newest President of the American Conservative Union (the organizers of CPAC).  We are encouraged by his defense ofcivility, and we hope that Mr. Cardenas’ first act will be to affirm the importance of social issues to the conservative movement.  In turn, we pledge to do all that we can to help in promoting a unified, principled conservatism.
And we ask full power consyou to stand with us in declaring that a commitment to traditional values must be part of the coming unified conservative revolution.  Click here to sign on to the movement at GetConservative.com and read our evaluation of the major CPAC speakers and how they addressed social issues.

Thank you,

Andy Blom
Executive Director, American Principles Project

Frank Cannon
President, American Principles Project


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