Why is the political left so scared of the “birth certificate” issue, while many on the right dismiss it?

The left-wing Mother Jones magazine recently published a lengthy piece by David Corn explaining why the new push by at least 10 states to require proof of constitutional eligibility before future presidential candidates can get on ballots is such a threat to Barack Obama.

The article virtually assumes Obama does not have a long-form Hawaii birth certificate to show states in 2012.

So why is the left apoplectic about states enforcing the Constitution? Because, to the left, political empowerment trumps the Constitution seven days a week and twice on Sunday.

In fact, they are incapable of even viewing legislation designed to enforce the Constitution’s requirement that U.S. presidents are “natural born citizens” as anything other than political tricks designed to drive Obama from power.

I understand that. The left has a political slogan it has lived by since the days of V.I. Lenin: “By any means necessary.”

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In case you can’t figure out the translation of that message, it’s simple: The end justifies the means. Anything and everything that elevates the left’s agenda is good – no matter what. In the world of realpolitick, this mindset has resulted in mass murder on a scale that is unimaginable to most Americans, gulags, concentration camps, forced abortions, state-created famines, holocaust and unspeakable terror.

To the left, the Constitution is nothing more than a tool to be manipulated and distorted to support its statist agenda.

Meanwhile, though, tens of millions of Americans awakened to a shocking political reality after the 2008 election: The system had broken down. No controlling legal authority vetted the winning candidate to ensure he was constitutionally eligible to serve as president. According to the latest poll done on the subject, 58 percent of Americans have doubts about Obama’s eligibility.

It would seem only natural that a grass-roots political movement has arisen at the state level to ensure such a fiasco is never repeated.

But, at the same time, most Republicans and high-profile conservative activists are as afraid of this eligibility issue as the left is.


I believe it’s quite simple:

  • Like the establishment news media, they not only missed this epic development as it was unfolding in 2008, but many of them have continued to dismiss it as inconsequential and “not a winning issue.” “We have more important ideas to debate,” they say? More important? What is more important than the integrity of the Constitution?

  • They are incapable of standing up to the news media heckling on this issue. They are afraid of being portrayed as “birthers,” “conspiracy nuts” and having the issue blow up in their faces.

That’s why I am so proud of the state legislators who have moved this issue down the road.

This isn’t just about Obama.

This is about the future of our country – whether we are going to continue to live in a nation governed by the rule of law or if we intend to abandon the constitutional framework that has guided us for 222 years.

To me it’s important to strengthen the Constitution whether Obama passes the test of eligibility or not.

As a nation, we should never again live in doubt as to whether the occupant of the White House is legitimate or not.

Like it or not, we will never be able to answer that question for certain without examining his long-form birth certificate. That is the only document that can answer the questions as to who his parents were and where he was born.

Digital short forms won’t do it.

Newspaper announcements won’t do it.

New documents created by Hawaii for the purpose of quelling the controversy and making money off it won’t do it.

And Barack Obama’s autobiographical fairy tales won’t do it.

I’m not afraid of the truth, no matter what it reveals.

Why are Barack Obama and his supporters?

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