Obama and Boehner ‘ain’t got no respect’

By Larry Klayman

The only thing President Barack Hussein Obama, House Republican Speaker John Boehner and the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield have in common is that they “ain’t got no respect.” The major difference is that Rodney was funny, while Obama’s foreign policy, particularly toward Egypt, is tragic and dangerous.

Last Thursday, President Hosni Mubarak stuck it to the “mullah in chief ” when the Egyptian strongman told Obama to stick it – that is, stay out of the country’s affairs – and declared that, despite Obama’s outrageous demand that he leave and allow the Muslim Brotherhood into any new government, he would remain Egypt’s leader through September 2011. While no Vaudeville act, this was the ultimate banana cream pie in Obama’s face. By the next morning, Mubarak had backed down and resigned in the face of obvious threats by the Obama administration to cut off economic aid to Egypt. Nevertheless, Mubarak had made his point on his way out by having given his middle finger to our “fearless leader.”

Boehner was also rightly rebuffed by new tea-party Republican members when they blocked an extension of provisions of the Patriot Act, which would have continued to violate the privacy rights of all Americans by reauthorizing roving wiretaps of even U.S. citizens without any real checks or balances by judicial or other authorities. The establishment Boehner, who is given to cry a lot, was not laughing with good humor, but instead had to be pouring out tears with this slap by his fellow junior colleagues, as it bodes poorly for his authority as speaker, notwithstanding his judgment and respect for constitutional rights.

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What is particularly remarkable about Obama’s Egyptian policy is that even when he was shot down by Mubarak, the president and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, would not take no for an answer and persisted to stupidly meddle again in Egypt’s internal affairs, issuing new ultimatums that Mubarak step aside and end the state of emergency that has kept the country relatively peaceful and helped to protect Israeli and U.S. interests for the last 30 years. The president’s arrogance and hubris showed itself as unbridled, as he assumes control of and presides over the radical Islamization of Egypt and by extension the entire Middle East, but continues to kiss the derriere of the Iranian regime and remains silent about and works against the anti-Islamic freedom forces in Iran that, along with Israel, oppose and want to bring down radical Islam and Shariah.

Given Obama’s disdain for Israel and the freedom fighters in Iran, and his obsessive advocacy and promotion of terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, one can only conclude that Obama himself is part of the Islamic revolution. This is dangerous, and Mubarak’s U.S.-forced departure, coupled with Obama’s “welcome mat” for the Muslim Brotherhood, spell eventual disaster – radical Muslim-style. Obama’s actions are so harmful to U.S. and Israeli interests that they warrant his impeachment and conviction for “high crimes and misdemeanors” for acts that undermine the security of the American people and the truly free world.

But what is also dangerous is the Republican establishment’s lack of concern about the privacy rights of ordinary Americans. The roving wiretaps the House leadership backed, with Obama’s support, would have allowed the government to continue to tap virtually anyone simply on “its say so” that a target presents a security threat. Allowing this power to continue under the control of the executive branch, now controlled by the “mullah in chief” and the likes of Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – the never prosecuted “felons” who brought us “Filegate” during the Clinton administration – would be like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. And, with this unbridled power by the Obama administration, many of us who oppose the president would be subjected not only to illegal wiretaps – if indeed this is not already the case, which I believe is occurring – but other forms of intimidation and lawless conduct. Ironically Obama and his comrades could do to us what he now conveniently claims President Mubarak has done for 30 years to his “innocent” foes like the Muslim Brotherhood.

This week was a revealing one. If anyone thought that the now “chummy” Obama Democrats and Boehner Republicans were going to lead us to the promised land, they didn’t realize that these charlatans are not Moses – even if they, too, have been lost in the desert for over 40 years. The big difference is that Moses knew, with godly inspiration, what he was doing and where he was going, while these malevolent fools don’t have a clue.

The lesson is again and forever clear. We the People must rise up and like the Jews under Pharaoh, escape our bondage at the hands of a corrupt and evil administration. Egypt was the center of the universe millennia ago, and it has come front and center once again, if for no other reason than it symbolizes our slavery to Washington politicians, who further their own agenda but not the agenda of the American people. Neither Obama nor Boehner, nor their establishment “yes men,” are worthy of our respect, and we are beginning to see, like Rodney Dangerfield, that in fact they “ain’t got no respect.”