In the wake of the latest video sting by Live Action showing a Planned Parenthood employee apparently willing to aid supposed sex traffickers in procuring abortions for minors, Planned Parenthood claimed to be “profoundly shocked” and fired the director of a New Jersey clinic who was caught advising a supposed pimp to circumvent the law.

But Alveda King, the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and a staunch activist for protections for the unborn, is questioning the genuineness of those actions.

“If you look at all the evidence in several projects, you will see that Planned Parenthood is not helping people to plan families, they’re helping people to kill babies and hurt women,” Alveda King told WND.

As part of her work on behalf of the unborn, she has narrated the new documentary, “BloodMoney,” which chronicles the tactics of the abortion industry’s multi-billion dollar business in the United States. The project features interviews with former abortion providers, in-depth investigators, and numerous post-abortive women from young to mature.

“The videos by Live Action confirm all the information that is readily available in the film ‘BloodMoney,'” said King. “There is too much evidence from people who actually practiced abortion: Abby Johnson, Carol Everett and then the work of Live Action films.”


As WND reported, Abby Johnson directed a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Texas, but she became horrified as she assisted in an abortion and witnessed via sonogram an unborn baby’s violent death. To Planned Parenthood’s dismay, Johnson wrote about the abortion chain’s moneymaking agenda in her book “unPlanned.”

David Kyle, writer, director and producer of “BloodMoney,” said, “The original title of this film was ‘American Holocaust,’ but when we were doing these interviews the issue of money came up time and time again. So that’s when we decided to change our focus and change the name to ‘BloodMoney.'”

Abortion clinics trick teens and young women by marketing themselves as the private or secret sex experts in their lives, the filmmakers explain.

“Women and girls are given this false sense of security that if they use birth control pills they won’t get pregnant. Planned Parenthood knows statistically – without a doubt – that X number of women will get pregnant with or without birth control,” said Kyle.

“Planned Parenthood knows that when someone doesn’t use birth control perfectly, the failure rate just skyrockets. And this is the same with condoms, according the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s own research arm.”

In January 2011, the Guttmacher Institute said, “Fifty-four percent of women who have abortions had used a contraceptive method (usually the condom or the pill) during the month they became pregnant. Among those women, 76 percent of pill users and 49 percent of condom users report having used their method inconsistently, while 13 percent of pill users and 14 percent of condom users report correct use.”

Watch the trailer:

“Now what does that tell you?” asked Kyle. “It tells you that birth control doesn’t work. And they have set up this endless cycle of making money by getting kids sexually active, giving them false sense of security with birth control and when birth control fails, they offer abortions to take care of that perceived problem or mistake that a girl finds herself in. After abortions, they give girls more birth control and the cycle starts over again.”

The situations that raise questions about abortion procedures appear almost daily. Operation Rescue just reported on a woman apparently hospitalized after some procedure at a St. Louis Planned Parenthood business. Her face was covered as she was transported.

And according to, a report has been uncovered that a Planned Parenthood worker held a pregnant teen and victim of statutory rape hostage against the wishes of her father. The report said Planned Parenthood argued that the underage victim was “emancipated” because a she was pregnant, a statement discounted by authorities in the state. Planned Parenthood ultimately released the child, but only after police threatened the pursue charges of custodial interference.

As noted in the film, Planned Parenthood places many of its businesses near high schools and colleges.

Carol Everett, former owner of several abortion clinics in Texas, is the most explicit witness to crimes committed on babies and women in the name of choice. In “Blood Money” she boldly reveals that she entered the industry to become a millionaire and the only way to accomplish that was by selling as many abortions as possible.

“Our goal was three to five abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18,” says Everett.

Everett also details high-pressure sales techniques, psychology, deceit and fear mongering that abortion “counselors” use to sell abortions and cover up crimes.

“We had one girl, 22 years old, a model, who danced in, jumped up on the table,” says Everett.

The model was joking with the doctor just before he tried to abort her unborn child of 22 weeks.

Everett then describes how she assisted the abortionist by pushing the baby so that the doctor could grab him with instruments. However, the first time he put instruments into the mother’s body, he punctured her womb and pulled out the lining of her intestines.

“And the second time he went in,” says Everett, “he pulled out her bowel. And he pushed it back in. Live baby. [He] woke the woman up; put her in my car because it’s terrible, terrible advertisement to think about having an ambulance in front of an abortion clinic.”

Everett and the doctor wouldn’t take the injured mother and her child to a nearby or legitimate hospital. Instead they went where seven doctors covered up the gruesome crimes. Everett says one doctor removed the healthy baby from his mother, rolled the child into a disposable drape and threw him into an incinerator.

“We killed the baby that way. The doctors falsified the records,” says Everett. “We told her [the young woman] she had an abdominal pregnancy and she didn’t sue.”

Everett says, “I recognized I’d been involved in the death of 35,000 babies; the murder of one woman who bled to death from a second-trimester abortion; 19 women who had hysterectomies or colostomies; and never had one appeared in the newspapers – no lawsuit.”

In “BloodMoney,” Brian Clowes of Human Life International explains that doctors often hide the deaths of women from abortions by labeling the causes as “spontaneous gangrene of the ovary,” “therapeutic misadventure” or something equally obscure.

In Everett’s clinics, abortionists rushed through 30 abortions per hour, leaving no time to sterilize the instruments.

Another former abortion worker, Norma McCorvey, also known as the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, says the post-abortion infection rates were 75 percent in clinics where she worked.

Investigators in the film say that filthy, roach and rodent infested clinics with decomposing body parts of aborted children still exist throughout the United States.

Such was the case of millionaire Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, who recently was arrested and charged by the state of Pennsylvania with eight counts of murder.

King further speaks about years of pain suffered by women who underwent abortions. She says, “The life of the woman who decides to abort her baby will never be the same. There will not be a day when that decision won’t affect her in some way: physically, emotionally or spiritually.”

Considering that an estimated 52 to 53 million abortions have occurred in America since 1973, a huge sector of the population suffers post-abortion pain.

“I am a post-abortive African-American woman,” King told WND. “I know people from every walk of life – both women and men – who’ve suffered from abortion.

“I’ve met women of every age, race and ethnic group who’ve suffered, including [performers] Jennifer O’Neill, Patricia Neal, and Fantasia Barino, who had a terrible experience because of abortion,” she said.

In addition to her role as narrator of “BloodMoney,” King mentors women through post-abortion healing in her leadership roles with Priests for Life, the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, and King for America.

The injury of abortion runs deep in the legendary King family. For example, a doctor connected with Planned Parenthood tried to trick Alveda’s mother into aborting her, but her uncle, Martin Luther King Jr., helped to save baby Alveda’s life.

King explained that doctors deceived her into aborting some of her tiny unborn babies, long before ultrasound technology was available.

“My son, John Beal, will be joining me in this work,” King announced. “He tried to coerce his girlfriend into getting an abortion and together they decided not to do it. Now he’s very excited about the coming birth of his own child because he’s realizing that life is the seed of a man and the fruit of a woman’s womb that goes into the legacy of generations.”

“I do want to point out one other thing,” she said. “Planned Parenthood lies that Martin Luther King Jr. endorsed them and he got the Margaret Sanger Award. He did not accept that award, but his wife supported abortion so she went to accept it and read a speech that somebody else wrote.”

Kyle added, “One of our concerns in doing this film was that post-abortive women and men would be greatly affected. It’s important for them to understand that God forgives them. As I look at it, they were lied to.”

Even Everett said that aborting her own child was the most painful experience in her life.

“BloodMoney” was produced to save the lives of innocent children and spare their parents grief.

Numerous screenings have taken place around the United States and other countries. Yet Kyle stressed that this independent film depends on grassroots marketing. It’s available in English and Spanish versions at


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