The “Pence-Walden Broadcaster Freedom Act” is back.

Republican lawmakers Mike Pence and Greg Walden have reintroduced their bill to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from bringing back the “Fairness Doctrine,” the old FCC rule that stifled conservative talk radio until President Reagan abolished it.

As Walden – who owned and operated radio stations for over 20 years before being elected to Congress – explained, “The Fairness Doctrine represents an assault on the fundamental freedoms included in the First Amendment. Called the Fairness Doctrine or a code name like localism, this kind of outdated government regulation of political speech has no place in the modern broadcasting landscape.”

Rush Limbaugh

“This is not the CPAC I remember.”

Rush wasn’t impressed by Mitch Daniels’ speech at CPAC last weekend, when Daniels said Republicans need to reach out to people who “never tune in to Rush or Glenn or Laura or Sean.”

“The Republican Party establishment group is really not thrilled with talk radio,” Limbaugh told listeners Monday afternoon. “They’re not thrilled with the Tea Party – they don’t like it, they’re trying to find ways around it.”

“I don’t think that we can only win by watering ourselves down and diluting ourselves,” Limbaugh continued, adding that “[Mitch Daniels] has this overriding notion that conservatism is not enough to win. That bothers me, because clearly it is.”

Once in a while, Limbaugh allows a progressive caller to make a fool of himself, to the delight of listeners. This week was no exception (FREE webcam):

Michael Savage

On Valentine’s Day, Savage mused that terrorists hate America in part because of the outrageous antics of “transgressive” “artists” like Lady Gaga, whose latest hit “Born This Way” celebrates homosexuality (FREE audio).

Also this week, Michael Savage talked to Dr. Grace Vuoto of the Edmund Burke Institute, who called Obama “the most radical president America has ever seen.” She added that there was hope, however, because so many citizens are outraged by the Obama agenda (FREE audio).

This week, the annual Westminster Dog Show took place in New York. Savage took the opportunity to comment on young women treating their dogs as baby substitutes (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

The undisputed highlight of the week was an explosive on-air showdown between Frank Gaffney and David Horowitz, coming up against American Conservative Union board members Suhail Khan and Cleta Mitchell. Gaffney and Horowitz are part of a growing number of conservatives concerned about possible Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of CPAC (FREE audio).

Later in the week, Hannity traveled to Washington, D.C, to interview House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, about the latest budget battles (FREE video).

Hannity surprised angry caller “Velma” – who thinks Mark Levin is “crazy” – by putting Levin on the air with her! He called Velma “pretty damn rude” in response, but in the end, they more or less made up (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Calling Obama’s budget proposal “a disaster,” Speaker John Boehner joined Laura to talk about the GOP’s efforts to slash spending.

Laura Ingraham challenged listener favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., about what exactly she and other Republicans will do to curb out-of-control debt. The pair also debated whether or not the first lady is laying the foundation for a future Senate campaign.

Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona talked to Laura about how to address illegal immigration once and for all, while Middle East expert Dr. Walid Phares criticized Obama’s failed foreign policy (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

“I can’t vote for Mitch Daniels,” said Mark Levin, commenting (as Rush Limbaugh did earlier that day) on Daniels’ address to CPAC. Levin declared that “CPAC is screwed up” and slammed those who want to downplay “social conservatism” (FREE audio).

Levin also disagreed with Ann Coulter, who declared her support for Chris Christie as the 2012 GOP nominee.

Levin questioned Christie’s conservative credentials and asked rhetorically: “When will my dear friend Ann start to address the substantive problems with Christie’s actual positions, or are we going to get another year of ‘only Christie can win’ fortune cookie logic?”

Levin was outraged by news of more out-of-control federal spending and said it was time to “shut the government down,” to rescue the futures of our “children and grandchildren” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck and his crew “celebrated” the departure of hapless White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs with a laugh out loud collection of his dumbest audio sound bites. An instant classic! (FREE webcam)

As a follow-up to his well-publicized December visit to Clinton County, Ohio, Beck and his producers announced they’ll being donating $44,611 to five local non-profits.

And now, from the left side of the dial …

According to Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney, CNN’s John Avlon is trying to make a name for himself by claiming that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s ratings and revenue are falling.

Maloney says the Avlon’s evidence is “thin, to say the least: a narrow, year-over-year ratings comparison (singling out a single month) in one city, plus a couple of lineup changes elsewhere that affected Hannity and Beck.

“Those in the radio industry,” Maloney continues, “have been hearing ‘conservative talk is doomed’ predictions (by liberal ‘industry experts’) at every convention panel since Rush began in syndication.”

Clearly, Avlon’s widely remarked upon “study” is simply another one of those desperate attempts to lower conservative morale. The tens of millions of Americans who rely on conservative talk radio for their daily news and entertainment should simply ignore him.

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