Barack Obama and David Letterman

WASHINGTON – Some days Joseph Farah, the man behind the “Where’s the birth certificate?” billboard campaign, feels like a lonely warrior fighting a crusade against all odds.

Other days, the man known in some circles as “Mr. Birth Certificate” is sure he’s winning the battle for public pressure on Barack Obama to come clean about his early life with some actual documentation.

“Today’s a good day,” he says. “The polls and the action at the state legislative level suggest we will soon get to the bottom of this critically important constitutional issue and avoid any repeat of the fiasco of the 2008 presidential election.”

At the same time, he is enlisting help to make sure.

Farah has devised a 10-point program for eligibility activism.

“I’ve never had confidence that the courts would handle this properly,” Farah said. “At least until now, that has been the case. I still find it difficult to believe that any court in America would find a sitting president ineligible, despite evidence, or even to demand Obama answer the charges.”

Farah’s campaign has been about raising public awareness of the controversy – and, on that score, he is amazed at the results.

“There were many people telling me quite openly, as recently as a year ago, that this campaign was ‘not a winning issue,'” he said. “Others called it a distraction. Even today, two years into the Obama administration, some say it’s a setup – and Obama is just going to make me look foolish. But all I have ever demanded was the truth. If Obama can produce the evidence to persuade the majority of Americans he’s constitutionally eligible, I welcome the opportunity to see it.”

Farah is asking all those who agree with him to do the following:

“It’s time to step up the pressure,” says Farah. “If you want to encourage me to keep up the fight, please follow this ‘how to become an eligibility activist 10-point program.'”

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