Joseph Farah

TAMPA, Fla. – You already know the problems America is facing, but if you are looking for solutions, the Save America Convention March 18-20 here may be for you.

Featuring keynote speakers such as Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News; Joseph Farah of WND; G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature from Jeckyl Island”; Tom Tancredo; Sheriff Richard Mack and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Save America Convention will be held at the Marriott Waterside in Tampa.

The Save America Foundation is a not-for-profit organization intent on seeing the U.S. Constitution upheld by elected officials. The organization informs and educates the public through nationwide conventions and establishes charter offices across the country.
Organizers of the event are putting the emphasis on solutions rather than problems – with lots of opportunities for interactivity between participants and presenters.

Those interested in attending should visit the website or call 727-329-0490.

Farah has highlighted the constitutional problems the nation faces and the solutions that are needed in his “The Tea Party Manifesto.”

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