Allen West

A freshman member of the U.S. House of Representatives has revealed he has little patience for the politically correct argument that Islam is a religion of peace.

“Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt,” U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., warned a member of a town hall meeting audience who had challenged him to identify a single verse in the Quran that tells Muslims to attack America.

The comments came earlier this week at Pompano Beach, Fla., during a question-and-answer time at his meeting. A questioner identified by the Palm Beach Post as Nezar Hamze, executive director for a branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, confronted West, demanding that he point out where in the Quran are the orders for Muslims to attack America.

“You recently told the Marines that the terrorists that attacked the United States, the people that are attacking America, are following Islam, and they are following the instructions of the Quran,” he said.

“So, a very simply question. I’m not going to take a lot of your time. Can you show me one verse in this Quran where it says to attack America, attack Americans, or
attack innocent people?” he said.

West noted the Quran was written before America existed but cited the Quranic references to attack and kill “infidels.”

He started listing a series of battles before he was drowned out by applause and cheering from the audience.

“It (Islam) became violent,” West continued when the cheering died down. “Something happened when Muhammad enacted the Isra, and he left Mecca and went out to Medina. It became violent. You explain it to me.

“Maj. Hasan was shouting allahu akbar. The people that flew those planes … were shouting allahu akbar. I’ve been on the battlefield my friend,” he said.

“Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt and tell me … ,” he said, to more applause.

The CAIR leader responded, “I’m ashamed to be here with all of these people when you attack Islam, you attack.”

An audience member interrupted with, “You attacked us!”

West said, “I went to Muslim countries to try to defend the freedom of Muslim people. Don’t come up here to try to criticize me. Put the microphone down and go home.”

A video of the exchange has been posted online by

West’s references were to Maj. Nidal Hasan, who is accused of shooting and killing more than a dozen members of the U.S. military at Fort Hood, as well as the terrorists who hijacked jets on Sept. 11, 2001, and flew them into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, killing almost 3,000.

Those commenting on the site were more than enthusiastic about West’s response.

“You tell ’em Allen!” said one. “You are a true patriot!”

Added another, “Talk about a keeper!! Go West!! This is EXACTLY the kind of straight talking that is needed.”

“It was a great opportunity to see a polished professional man lay out America’s need to be alert to our enemies within,” said a third.

Added Beverly Perlson of The Band of Mothers, “When Muslims come out and denounce stoning women and babies, when Muslims come [out] and denounce beating women and babies, when Muslims come and denounce honor killings, and so many other sordid and cruel Muslim practices, until then, don’t expect Americans to embrace Muslims. Your way of life goes against everything that is beautiful and free about this great country America! Americans will not tolerate child abuse and beating and stoning women and children!!!”

“Go West for POTUS,” said another. reported West actually addressed that issue.

“We can’t have leadership by a cult of personality. I have to prove myself. I have to prove myself as an American statesman, a capable legislator,” West said. “Everyone knows how I feel about this country. But there are some things that I have to learn about the inner workings and machinations of Washington, D.C., so that I can be an effective leader.”

On that blog’s comment page was more support for West:

  • “This man is pure awsomeness! (sic),” said Tom B.

  • “2012 can’t come fast enough. Run Allen Run,” said constitution101.
  • “A CAIR terrorism-supporting Islamofascist trys to intimidate an American who knows all about fascist Islam with a grade school stunt. Pure Gold,” said February 22.

As WND reported in 2003, West was threatened with court-martial for tactics he used to flush out information from an uncooperative Iraqi policeman. Threatening to kill the Iraqi if he didn’t talk, West fired a pistol near the policeman’s head, producing an immediate flood of information that purportedly led to the arrest of two insurgents and cessation of attacks on West’s 4th Infantry Division battalion.

In a 2008 interview with WND, West said his 2003 ordeal should tell voters what kind of a lawmaker he would be, particularly when it comes to issues of defense.

“If you’re a bad guy, and you try to get between me and the safety and lives of American citizens, you’re going to lose,” West said.

Army prosecutors charged West with aggravated assault, and he faced the possibility of up to eight years in prison. At a hearing, West was asked by his defense attorney if he would do it again.

“If it’s about the lives of my men and their safety, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can,” he said.

West eventually accepted a nonjudicial punishment and the forfeiture of two months’ pay. He retired from the military and moved with his wife, Angela, and two young daughters to Broward County, Florida, where he taught high school. He served in Afghanistan as an adviser to the Afghan army until November 2007.

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