Shariah law is a threat to freedom and will destroy America. That’s the message of the Florida Security Council’s Thursday rally in Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C.

The outdoor gathering is designed to be a counter rally to the Shariah-4-America rally organized and promoted by British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary and his two assistants, Sayful Islam and Abu Izzadeen.

Security Council Executive Director Tom Trento says his counter rally is needed because Choudary has issued a call for an uprising against America.

“He has already issued a call for a Muslim uprising in the United States of America to essentially lead a de facto overthrow of the United States government and to work to establish Shariah law,” Trento declared.

“That call has already gone out and there needs to be a confrontation of that in a lawful manner in front of the symbol of the power of the Western world, the United States’ White House,” Trento added.

Trento says the message of the developing rally will be consistent. The speakers from all parts of the United States will talk about how Shariah law is a challenge to America.

“This is first and foremost. The United States has to recognize that Shariah is a totalitarian, comprehensive, theo-political doctrine of Islam. That is the devastating, counter, jurisprudential element against the United States Constitution,” Trento explained.

“We’re going to challenge the United States government to recognize, ‘No Shariah of any way, shape or form, ever in law, in public policy in the United States of America,'” Trento further explained.

Trento says the challenge is aimed at administration officials.

“The challenge will be to the president, to the attorney general, to the administration, to take a stand, a pledge if you will, ‘No Shariah, ever,'” Trento added.

Trento adds that the American people need to know where President Obama
stands on the issue of Shariah law.

“My observation is that President Obama has a leaning toward the Islamic world and possibly a sensitivity to Shariah maybe being implemented in the United States on a personal level, between agreeing parties,” Trento commented.

“He has to tell us, ‘You know, I think Shariah is a little bit OK, or all bad,'” Trento stated. “There is no good authoritative Shariah.”

A former CIA field operative who asked not to be identified agrees, saying allowing Shariah law in the U. S. would allow the operation of two competing legal systems.

“As for Shariah law’s impact: it would constitute the establishment of a
parallel system of law to our Judeo-Christian/Roman-based legal system and
the eventual overthrow of the U.S. Constitution,” the CIA operative observed.

He adds that Islam was an aggressive system from its beginning.

“The whole reason for being, and objective of Islam, is world conquest. Co-existence is not in the Muslim vocabulary. Any accommodations with non-Muslims are temporary for the sole purpose of advancing Islam,” the CIA officer explained.

“What’s more, Shariah itself is incompatible with our Constitution. Permitting any Shariah law into the U.S. is a literal slippery slope and once started cannot be stopped,” the CIA field officer stated.

Trento says that his event is designed to make Americans aware of the reality of Shariah law. It’s not intended to give credibility to Anjem Choudary or his American partners, members of the Islamic Thinkers Society.

“We don’t want to overstate the foolishness of this one group, the Islamic Thinkers Society. They’re a handful of nitwits running around Manhattan saying Muslims are going to take over the world,” Trento said.

A report today claims that the Islamic Thinkers Society has desecrated the American flag at its events.

Trento agrees that the allegedly violent record of Choudary’s group in the U. K. is reason enough to take the Muslim planners of the pro-Shariah event seriously.

“Anjem Choudary is a brilliant strategist. He’s an attorney. He is the philosophical mind for al-Qaida and a confidante of Osama bin Laden. He is as slick as slick comes. He’s an excellent debater. He’s got a very engaging personality. You put all of that together and he’s extremely dangerous,” Trento observed.

“And he’s extremely appealing to not just the 18 to 25 year old budding jihadis; he’s very appealing to the physicians. If you remember the incident at the airports in London where physicians were involved in terrorist activity,” Trento related.

“He’s very appealing to intellectual Muslims because he knows how to argue and he is one of the clearest thinkers and speakers I’ve ever heard on a concise understanding of the totalitarian and comprehensive nature of Islam,” Trento explained,

“He presents this package of bondage almost like it’s true freedom. When you can do that, you’re extremely dangerous and we need to deal with it,” Trento said.

There are reports that Anjem Choudary and his partners will not even be at this week’s White House rally and that the whole project is a “publicity stunt.” Trento doubts if Choudary and his assistants will be on hand.

“We’re aware that this is a publicity stunt. We’re two or three steps ahead of this guy,” Trento claimed. “He’s not going to show up. We’re virtually positive that he is not coming.”

A former CIA station chief who has asked not to be identified says he’s not as certain about Choudary being a no-show.

“Whether they show or not, and I don’t know if they’re on a no-fly list, but I recall that the Obama-Clinton team permitted Tariq Ramadan, Muslim Brotherhood
leader, into the U.S. after being banned under Bush,” the former CIA operative said.

“So, I would not be surprised if they permit Choudary and his partners to enter the country,” the former CIA field officer added. “But whether he gets in or not, it’s indeed a clever publicity stunt,”

If the Thursday Shariah march isn’t successful, it will be the second Choudary-planned event since November to not go off as planned.

Choudary and his assistants planned the International Islamic Revival Conference for London in November. That event was canceled by the Water Lilly convention center after the center was tipped off about the event’s purpose.

Trento adds that the Florida Security Council event will take place even if the Shariah-4-America doesn’t happen, adding that the truth about Shariah still needs to be heard.

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