Prosecute ‘Planned Promiscuity’!

By Judith Reisman

Will the U.S. Senate finally do right and defund the Planned Promiscuity sect commonly known as “Planned Parenthood”? After defunding, let us finally see prosecution of this allegedly “scientific” sex cult – a cult that credentials itself.

For decades, Planned Parenthood leaders made millions by killing unborn babies, even doing so to cover up the rape of children. Now gutsy young pro-lifers have proven PP commonly aids in child sex trafficking.

My new book, “Sexual Sabotage,” addresses this issue in detail, but below I’ll just note how Planned Parenthood has suborned child prostitution since 1974. Right now, note that the Planned Parenthood website commends Al Kinsey as its human sexuality expert while hiding his team’s documented history of brutal child sex atrocities.

What normal people would believe “scientists” who created a “record” like the chart above? Yet this is a direct copy of Kinsey’s “Table 34,” in “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” the fraud that launched the sexual revolution in 1948. This is the deviant “scholarship” Planned Parenthood director Mary Calderone swore to in Roe v. Wade.

These are the lies that opened our schoolrooms to Planned Parenthood sex-ed “teachers.” Kinsey’s unquestioned “data” were gleaned from children he and his team violated around the clock for the screams Kinsey called “orgasms.” His youngest victim here is 5 months old. 

You see above Kinsey’s written confessions as a sexual psychopath, a sado-masochistic pedophile, a bi/homosexual pornography addict. Yet Kinsey’s Planned Parenthood and similar sheep have crafted and directed sex education and the human sexuality curriculum for much of the Western world for over six decades.

In April 2004, the American Legislative Exchange Council, representing thousands of state legislators, called for an investigation of the Kinsey frauds and child sex crimes.

Still, Planned Parenthood quotes all of Kinsey’s research as viable “data” taught to teachers, students, judges, mental-health professionals and lawmakers worldwide. Kinsey’s Planned Parenthood cultists were charged with carrying out illegal, late-term abortions by Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, many to hide the rapes of minor girls. For trying to protect children, Kline was charged with violating the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct.

Kline’s lawyers might prove Planned Parenthood’s “scientific” lies by screening its guru’s Table 34 before the Kansas Supremes, then quoting Planned Parenthood’s current “Sexual Orientation at a Glance.”

Planned Parenthood’s criminally deviant sexuality programs have drained the time, talent and treasure of conservative religious organizations for decades.

Planned Parenthood quotes “expert” Alfred Kinsey to prove all forms of “sexual orientation” are “perfectly normal,” while “homophobia” causes suicide and violent crimes, etc.

As proof of their expertise, the organization says Kinsey figured “about 1 in 10 people are homosexual. Other research suggests somewhat lower estimates.”

And further: 

”Alfred Kinsey developed the Kinsey scale as a way of describing a person’s sexual orientation. Kinsey found that many people were not exclusively straight or gay – that a person’s sexual orientation can actually be somewhere in between. The Kinsey scale categories are” from “0 – exclusively heterosexual” to “6 – exclusively homosexual.”

 Remember, this is the “researcher” who gave us the tortured children on Table 34 above. Standing on Kinsey’s “work,” Planned Parenthood claims “Coming Out” is legitimate, and sexual orientation is naturally fluid, while dodging the role played by sexual abuse, fatherlessness and/or its own deceitful propaganda in precipitating bi/homosexuality.

Planned Parenthood suborns prostitution in 1974

As noted, Planned Parenthood had always urged sexual promiscuity, but a 1974 pamphlet, ”You’ve Changed the Combination!” campaigned for prostitution.

Published by Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, the sex-ed how-to guide boasted cartoon images of nude Playboy women with massive breasts towering over nude little men with censored (as in castrated) genitalia.

Under the tutelage of collaborating school teachers, 10th grade boys and girls would believe that unsafe, even fatal sex acts were harmless with multiple “friends.” The following are just two special quotes from this criminally aberrant, “sex education” guide.

Do you want a convenient warm body? Buy one. That’s right. There are women who have freely chosen that business, buy one.

Yes, by 1974 Planned Parenthood was telling schoolchildren to participate in prostitution, claiming females, “have freely chosen that business.”

The manual also viewed and taught virginity as a form of prostitution.

Do you want a virgin to marry? Buy one – there are girls in that business too. Marriage is the price you’ll pay, and you’ll get the virgin. Very temporarily.

Planned Parenthood’s long victimized students did not see the word “condom” in this or other early sex-education manuals until enough children were adequately debauched by their “sex education” to create the current “out of wedlock” and STD epidemics.

So, I say, lets get into the courtroom with evidence of Planned Parenthood’s history of defrauding the state via decades of crimes against children.

And, let the games begin!