There are more than 53 million babies who’ve been aborted in our nation since 1973. Ever wonder what one of those aborted babies would say if he or she could speak?

Wonder no more; today an aborted “fetus” will take the stand for Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill, which would give legal protection to preborn Ohioans with beating hearts.

In addition to legal, medical and financial experts, the Ohio Health Committee hearing the Heartbeat Bill will hear from Melissa Ohden, a woman who survived a brutal abortion attempt on her life.

Last week in the legislative hearing for H.B. 125, the Heartbeat Bill, introduced by Rep. Lynn Wachtmann with more than half the House of Representatives joining him as cosponsors, the committed heard from the youngest to ever testify: unborn babies who were presented to the committee via ultrasound projector.

The legislators saw and heard their beating hearts. The pro-aborts went crazy.

How dare we actually make use of medical advances in technology in a committee hearing? How “unorthodox!” Those who favor abortion have always been about covering up the facts – but now they’re also running from science and technology to hold on to their archaic and outdated pro-abortion viewpoint.

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The pro-aborts have spent the last 38 years trying to keep women in the dark. They fought us back when we passed the Woman’s Right to Know Law, too. This is no different. They want to pretend that sonograms don’t exist. They are even more outdated than English common law, which recognized “quickening” and protected children when a mother felt a kick. The entire pro-abortion camp is in the dark ages and most of the media along with them.

The pro-abortion lobby ran from ultrasounds of babies with beating hearts last week, but they cannot hide from Melissa Ohden who escaped the clutches of this brutality they call “choice.”

Today Melissa will testify about how the “abortion issue” affected her: She was burned alive by a saline poison injection in August of 1977, when her mother, an unwed college student who was five months pregnant, made a “choice.” That “choice” burned Melissa’s lungs, organs and skin. She was left for dead and thrown in the trash with the medical waste. A nurse heard her and saw her moving, and she was taken to a hospital and treated.

Here is part of her testimony the legislators will hear:

There was some commentary in the media after last week’s hearing before this committee that somehow, preborn children would oppose legislation such as Bill 125, aptly named the Heartbeat Bill. I am here today as a woman who, as an infant, survived a failed abortion attempt, to emphatically deny such a claim, to lend a voice to my fellow 53 million preborn brothers and sisters who have lost their lives since Roe v. Wade, and our fellow Americans yet to be born, who are at risk of being aborted.

As a survivor, I believe that I can speak for all of the children like me who have been aborted or those who are at risk of being aborted, in saying that we support this bill, and we urge you to do the same. It may somehow be easy for some to deny the right to life of a child in the womb when you never hear their heartbeat, when you never come face to face with them as a fellow human being, but what if you did come face to face with them? Who in this room wants to look me in the eye today and tell me that I was not worth protecting from abortion? Who in this room wants to tell my daughter that her mother’s life, and therefore, her life, were not worth defending?

What is the pro-abortion lobby going to say? “I’m sorry our ‘choice’ didn’t work and you made it out alive”?


Are they really so heartless as to say Melissa belonged in the trash with the medical waste?

Only the most hard-hearted can see a baby with a beating heart and refuse him protection. And only the most cold hearted can look in the face of a little girl and tell her that her mother didn’t have a right to live.

The truth is out. Those who call themselves “pro-choice” can still pretend we’re living in the dark ages, but the witnesses, the technology and the facts speak otherwise.

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