Despite President Obama’s mildly presumptuous declarations that his ascension to power would signal “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal,” we’re now two years in, and rather than healing, it appears as though the world is instead developing an incredibly nasty infection. But in all fairness to the president, he did also say this would be “the moment when we ended a war.” And I suppose that we are in the process of evacuating our forces from Iraq, so who said this guy isn’t keeping his promises? It’s all coming together exactly according to his plan – that is, of course, if we don’t consider the American economy, which is dangling by a thread, or the fact that we are entering World War III in the Middle East.

OK, I know the shock value of declaring that we may now be entering World War III has become a bit tired at this point, but the fact of the matter is the United States has suddenly found herself quietly involved in a multiple-front Middle Eastern war. As we continue to plod through our efforts in Afghanistan and “wrap up” things in Iraq, at least three new fronts are opening up elsewhere. And that could very well be just the beginning.


Before the meltdown in the Islamic world even began, the U.S. was redirecting significant attention and resources to Yemen where a new front in the War on Terror (alternately: the United States’ Global War for Survival) had been opened. Due to the significantly increased activity of both al-Qaida and Iranian proxies in the north, Yemen was heating up as far back as 2008. The threat to Saudi Arabia (read: the guys who hold way too much of our life blood in their hands) from chaos in Yemen is significant. Although the U.S. military presence there had been less projected, the possibility of direct U.S. intervention had already been openly discussed by the intelligence community last year. The sudden burst of protests and riots in Yemen now is only casting a massive cloud over an already sensitive and highly volatile situation. Pray for stability in Yemen.

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And as the majority of the mainstream media attention is focused on Libya, few are aware that the new front in the Iranian war against the United States is now in Bahrain. The potential for Bahrain to become a flash point for Iranian proxies to agitate a revolution amongst the poor Shi’a majority against the elite Sunni ruling class has always been a deep concern shared by both the Saudis and the U.S. By lying literally right next to the Achilles’ heal of the entire Western economy, Bahrain is a frighteningly strategic front. If the revolution in Bahrain succeeds, the mullahs in Iran will no doubt insert their spidery fingers of influence right to the very shores of Saudi Arabia, a mere a stone’s throw from the very plug of our entire life-support system.

And what will our response be when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls out the U.S. on her schizophrenic foreign policy for not supporting a legitimate democracy in Bahrain, but supporting instead the continued rule of an Arab monarchy that doesn’t give the poor Shi’a minority a genuine say? Pray for stability in Bahrain.


Last week, it was reported that the U.S. had discussed the idea of a Turkish-led NATO intervention (read: invasion) in Libya. The Turks, however, immediately backpedaled on the idea, fearing the use of their military would hurt their image as the unselfish and caring parent of the region. Thus President Obama has had to resort to plan B to bring down the Gadhafi regime and secure all of that Libyan sweet crude. Plan B involves instituting a no-fly zone, which simply means that NATO (again, read: the U.S.) will be going to war with the Gadhafi regime. To what degree can anyone say they are excited about America taking upon herself the responsibility of yet another deeply dysfunctional foster child from the Islamic world? As if Afghanistan were not enough. Again, please pray for stability in Libya.

It’s sad but true that most Americans generally watch the unfolding of wars in similar fashion to a football game from the comfort of their La-Z-Boy chairs at home. And while our unique location on the earth does afford us with the luxury of being able to watch each game unfold with the bravery only shown by those out of range, this comfort is quickly shattered each time we pull up to the gas pumps. And despite the prices already reaching painful levels, we’ve been warned that it could get a lot, lot worse. As some are now asking the president to open our strategic reserves to ease fuel pricing, I find it disturbing that there are not more voices loudly demanding that we lift all drilling moratoriums now. Drill, baby, drill, and all that. As in, this second. Because while we all know that it would take some years before we could produce a significant amount of refined oil, such a lift would nonetheless produce immediate jobs, which last time I checked was also something we do need immediately.

Beyond this, historically, every time the U.S. has made a loud show of its plans to begin drilling, that action alone has caused oil prices to fall. Simply stated, we must drill now. Let’s delude ourselves that we are actually healing the planet some other time. For years now, the warnings have gone out that the U.S. needs to free itself from dependence on Islamic oil. President Obama has done just the opposite, choosing instead to petition some worthless puny little gods called Volt and Prius to save us. I would love to believe that Rush Limbaugh is wrong when he says that President Obama is purposefully trying to destroy this nation, but in light of his actions, what other option do I really have?

Joel Richardson is the author of “Islamic Antichrist,” published by WND Books, and is the co-author of “God’s War on Terror.” His blog is

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