What if I told you a vote will take place in Congress in the next few weeks that could result in killing Obamacare, sending education back to the states, freezing entitlements, ending subsidies to NPR and PBS, eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood and other destructive programs and bringing government spending in line with constitutional restraints?

Would you be excited?

Would you be energized to do something to make sure that vote goes right?

Would you be willing to take a few minutes to influence your legislators?

How about if I told you that the fate of that vote lies completely in the hands of House Republicans?

Would that get your attention?

Would you be willing to put all 241 House Republicans on notice to ensure they understand the stakes and vote correctly?

There actually is going to be just such a vote in Congress in the next few weeks, and, indeed, it will be the Republican majority in the House with the opportunity to accomplish all of the above – if members have the encouragement they need right now to vote right.

The bill that will come before Congress is one to raise the debt limit – an absolute necessity to fund Obamacare, to maintain a hopelessly anachronistic Department of Education, to keep transferring wealth in the form of “entitlements,” to preserve the state-controlled news and entertainment networks, to save Planned Parenthood funding and 101 other destructive programs like it and to keep programs and agencies that have no business operating under constitutional limits.

All Republicans will have to do accomplish the elimination of all this evil in one swoop is to vote no on that bill.

At that point, the federal government is forced to start living within its means almost immediately. There will be panic in Washington. There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. There will be threats and bombast. But, at the end of the day, there will be no choice but to radically cut government spending for the first time in many, many decades. There is no way any of the programs listed above could possibly survive the cuts.

You might think Republicans vote against raising the debt limit to accomplish all that without your encouragement. But, sadly, that is not the case.

In fact, I can promise you that, if you do nothing, the Republican-controlled House will vote to approve business as usual – giving up its secret weapon to redirect the priorities of the federal government for the first time in generations.

The dirty little secret is that government cannot continue to do what it has been doing, funding all this nonsense, without borrowing money endlessly. All we have to do to restrain government spending is to cut it off at the source – the phony money machine known as the Federal Reserve.

For the first time in years, Republicans alone have the chance to do that.

In fact, I’m pretty sure this is why we elected Republicans in big numbers to take control of the House last November.

Most of the new Republican House members actually campaigned on pledges not to raise the debt limit.

So how do we persuade them to do the right thing now?

I’ve made it easy for you – in fact, probably too easy.

You probably think I am offering you something too good to be true. Because that’s what it sounds like to me.

While I can’t promise you Republicans will listen if you follow my advice, I can tell you I feel pretty good about it if big numbers of you follow through.

I need you to take less than five minutes to participate in what I call the “No More Red Ink” campaign. By taking part, you will send a red letter, individually addressed and electronically “signed,” with guaranteed delivery by Fed Ex, to all 241 House Republicans for only $29.95.

Already nearly 1 million letters have been sent, literally exhausting the nation’s supply of red paper. But we need to send another million at least, because America cannot afford to get this vote wrong. There won’t be another opportunity like this for a long time. This is far and away the most important vote to be cast in Congress this year or any year – and we are just weeks away.

Will you take my advice?

Will you authorize the House Republicans to use their veto-proof secret weapon?

Will you do it right now because time is short?

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