Lawsuits have claimed Barack Obama fails the Constitution’s eligibility test for presidents because his father was a Kenyan, because he was born overseas and because his original long-form birth certificate has been withheld.

Mad magazine, now, has released its solution: His birthplace is “wherever it was he was born.”

The magazine, in an article “How Barack Obama stacks up to the other 42 presidents,” also takes jabs at Obama’s dependence on Teleprompters, his middle name (Hussein), his busted lip and his onetime pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

Barack Obama’s birthplace?

While George Washington’s “head was carved into Mt. Rushmore, Obama’s head was sculpted into a Chia Pet,” the article starts. Then, John Adams “got lost on his way to go live in the White House. Obama successfully reached the White House, but has been lost ever since.”

It’s when the list gets to Andrew Jackson the magazine explains, “Before Jackson, there had never been a president born west of the Appalachian Mountains. Before Obama, there had never been a president born … wherever it was he was born.”

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The jab focuses on the ongoing dispute over Obama’s eligibility to be president under the Constitution’s requirement that presidents be a “natural born Citizen.”

The “certification of live birth” that his campaign posted online in the 2008 election is a document that state rules allowed to be given to those not born in the state, and his original birth certificate never has been made available.

Grooming another Bush?

Further, among the lawsuits and challenges that have arisen are those who allege he couldn’t qualify as a natural born citizen because his father was a Kenyan citizen.

Besides his original birth certificate, also withheld have been his school records, college records, records from his years in the Illinois legislature and other documents typically available for prominent leaders.

There have been multiple lawsuits over the issue, although judges have dismissed almost all of them so far. One Supreme Court justice even admitted the panel was “evading” the issue of Obama’s eligibility.

Another term?

While WND has reported on the challenges and legal cases since before Obama’s election, only about half of Americans at that time were even aware of the dispute. Recent polls, however, reveal that more than half of Americans now doubt Obama’s proclaimed birth story.

A new poll now reveals not even one person in 10 says Barack Obama has shown that he is eligible to be president of the United States. Another 32 percent would disregard the questions entirely, concluding they are not valid.

About James Madison, Mad wrote, “Madison’s wife introduced ice cream to the White House. Obama’s wife introduced a vegetable garden. Seriously? Come on … ”

Obama’s campaign slogan of “Yes We Can” also was in the bull’s-eye: About John Tyler, Mad said, “The campaign phrase ‘Tippecanoe and Tyler Too’ is every bit as vague and irrelevant as ‘Yes We Can.'”

The magazine had no qualms suggesting that Obama will not win re-election. About Grover Cleveland was this: “Cleveland is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. There’s no certainty Obama will even want to run in 2016.”

Another term?

Some others:

  • About Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “FDR stood up to Germany and Japan. Obama can’t even stand up to Mitch McConnell.

  • Gerald Ford: “Ford declared that ‘our long national nightmare is over.’ Obama would never say that, knowing our current nightmare still has several years to go.”
  • Jimmy Carter: “Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with Habitat for Humanity. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize because … uhhhh … help us out here.”

On Martin Van Buren: “Van Buren was the first president to be born an American citizen. Obama was the first president to bust his lip open playing a pickup game of basketball.”

On Benjamin Harrison: “Harrison was considered one of the best extemporaneous speakers of his day. Obama is considered one of the best Teleprompter readers of his day.”

Barack Obama

On Herbert Hoover: “As we go to press, angry poor people have not yet set up ‘Obamavilles.'”

The magazine need have no concern about joking about the eligibility – and other issues – of a sitting president. Obama seems dedicated to keeping the jokes about his lack of eligibility documentation alive himself.

It was Daniel Kurtzman at Political Humor who noted that the Marine Band was playing “Hail to the Chief” as Obama moved toward the podium during a recent Gridiron Club Dinner in Washington, but he waived off the song.

“Play that song we talked about,” he told them, and the band started “Born in the U.S.A.”

“Some things just bear repeating,” he joked.

According to Associated Press, Obama also “poked fun” at Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, considered a possible GOP contender in 2012.

“Tim Pawlenty’s not here, but he’s hit the campaign trail hard,” Obama said. “And to be honest, I think the American people are going to have some tough questions for Tim. Specifically, ‘Who are you and where do you come from?’ Which is OK. Two years into my presidency and I’m still getting those questions,” Obama said.

At a recent Boston fundraiser, he pushed hard on the issue.

“There’s no weakness in us trying to reach out and seeing if we can find common ground,” he told attendees. “Now, there are going to be times where we can’t. I was born in Hawaii. What can I say? I mean, I just … I can’t change those facts.”

It was just about a year ago at the White House correspondents’ annual dinner when he couldn’t leave the subject alone, either:

Obama jokes about birth certificate by itnnews

“There are few things in life that are harder to find and more important to keep than love. Well, love and a birth certificate,” he said.

About Millard Fillmore, Mad joked, “While in Europe, Fillmore had an audience with Pope Pius IX. Obama, meanwhile, was in the audience during Jeremiah Wright’s tirades.”

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