His name is Casey Heynes. Thanks to pervasive technology like the video sharing site YouTube, Casey, at just 16 years old, is now famous.

Nicknamed “Casey the Punisher” by those who’ve viewed the viral video depicting him body-slamming a smaller tormentor, the young Australian has become a meme – the sort of online personality whose image is used and reused in humorous homages, parodies and even a video game. The bully, one Ritchard Gale, isn’t sorry and somehow manages to blame Casey for bringing Ritchard’s bullying on himself. A website named for Casey terms him, instead, “a gentle giant who had enough,” and even suggests nominating him for the Australian Cross of Valour. The story has made television and Casey’s 15 minutes of Internet celebrity is upon him, for good or for ill.

The video was shared quickly and eagerly because it touches a raw nerve in our increasingly coarse society. We crave justice because it is so often denied us. We cheer when we see bullies beaten down, because we yearn for the right to defend ourselves. Paradoxically, we as modern people have become increasingly passive, ever more willing to sit and absorb abuse from those around us, as we become – collectively – ever more obnoxious. The result is an unjust world in which those who abuse us, infringe on our natural rights and lower the quality of our day-to-day lives cannot be confronted or punished lest we, the victims, be punished by our byzantine legal system.

Any man, no matter how well-armed, no matter how big, no matter how strong, and no matter how well trained, has experienced the helplessness that is having the soul of a warrior in a politically correct environment. Talk to a man whose wife or girlfriend has been threatened by an ex or a stalker, for example: Such a man will describe to you how incredibly frustrating it is to know that he possesses the skill and the means to defend his loved one, but he can’t do anything or he’ll go to prison. The most extreme scenario of which I’m aware is that of John Foreman, who vowed to kill the cannibal monster who murdered and ate Foreman’s son, Jason. He was unambiguous, too. News reports quote him as saying, “I do intend, if this man is released anywhere in my vicinity, or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to kill this man.”

I know of no sane world in which John Foreman would be convicted of a crime for slaying the inhuman filth who killed Foreman’s son and consumed parts of the boy’s corpse. I know of no sane world in which such a creature as Michael Woodmansee, the murderer, would ever breathe air not filtered through the dank walls of a prison. But we don’t live in a sane world. We live in an irrational, self-destructive world corrupted by the fascism of the “liberals,” in whose moral relativism and false moral equivalency all aggressors are equated with their victims. The socio-politics of political correctness erase the distinction between unjust, initiated force and morally justified retaliatory (or credibly preemptive) force.

Leftist authoritarians thus live in a world of victims – a world they wish to populate with nothing but more of the same. To the leftist, there is no moral distinction between murderer and murdered – and thus cannibals can be paroled. To the leftist, there is no justified use of force –and thus Jason Foreman’s father could very well be charged with issuing terrorist threats, or some like crime, for saying honestly what any parent would feel in his place. To the leftist, there is no functional difference between the rapist and the raped – and thus I know of at least one case in which a female victim was accused of consenting to sex because she begged her attacker to use a condom.

Creating this left-wing landscape of simpering victims, in which men are shackled and women are enslaved, begins with our children. When our kids are taught that fighting back against a bully simply makes them “no better” than the attacker, they are taught to surrender to each and every assault on their persons, their rights and their dignity as human beings. Behind the entrenching of these attitudes is a left-wing establishment that controls our schools and, more generally, sets the defaults within popular culture. The only illustration of this fact that anyone requires is the absurd way in which Casey Heynes’ undeniably justified act of self-defense was treated as a misdeed.

Both Casey and the boy who attacked him – the boy Casey allowed to strike at him repeatedly before finally defending himself – were suspended for several days by their school. Casey is only 16, and he’s already learned that society won’t permit him to defend himself. He’s learned that when he’s attacked, his choices are to absorb that torment or accept unjust penalties for ending a fight he did not begin. He has learned, too, that while he suffers these ignoble consequences, his bully is free to tell the media that it’s Casey’s fault that Casey got bullied.

Don’t kid yourself that incidents like these can’t or don’t happen in the United States every day. “Casey the Punisher” became “Casey the Punished” simply because he refused to lie down and be beaten. His school sees him and his assailant as morally equivalent. Leftist ideologues are no different where your own right to self-defense, from childhood to adult, is concerned. The platform that such people are building, board by ideological board beneath our children, is the gallows on which the formerly free will be hanged as adults. When we refuse to acknowledge the moral right to self-defense, we join hands with the hangman.

Casey Heynes isn’t simply a young boy who was bullied and fought back. He’s a warning. If such injustices are not challenged for our children, we will never stand up for our rights as adults. We simply won’t know how.

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