J.R. Church

J.R. Church, the founder of Prophecy in the News, has died at the age of 72.

A statement posted on the ministry website said Church passed away Tuesday.

“J.R. was a true prophetic visionary who founded this ground-breaking ministry in 1979,” Bob Ulrich reported on the site. “His system of prophetic interpretation has led the way in understanding the astonishing growth and influence of latter day Israel and the things that lie just ahead.”

The minister’s biography on the site explains that he moved in 1979 with his family to Oklahoma City where he started to write and record his thoughts and studies on Bible prophecy.

“Thirty-one years later we can see that God has honored his commitment to this unique subject in a spectacular way. J.R. asked the Lord to provide him with a continuous source of prophetic material and God has kept His promise.”

The website announcement noted that since many churches today are dealing almost not at all with the study of eschatology, “there is more need than ever for people to hear J.R.’s clear message of end-time prophecy. … It was the desire of J.R. and his wife Linda that this ministry continue on, and with your help and support it will.”

According to his biography, Church became a Christian at the age of seven in a home Bible study, and set out with a goal in life to win other to Jesus Christ.

On graduating from Lubbock High School in 1957, he moved to Tennessee where he studied Bible at Tennessee Temple University. He ultimately was awarded a B.A. and later was granted an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary in Peachtree, Ga.

J.R. and Linda were married 52 years. They have two children, daughter Terri Jean and son Jerry. Terri Jean has a son, Matthew, and they live in Denison, Texas. Jerry and his wife, Robin, have daughters Brittany, Sarah and Molly, and a son, Jordan, and live in Oklahoma City.

During his ministry, J.R. Church organized the Western Hills Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas, where he served for 17 years. His Prophecy in the News was launched when he moved to Oklahoma City in 1979.

More than 250,000 copies of his first work there, “Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms,” have been printed and it’s been translated into Korean, Dutch and Finnish languages.

Other titles include “Hidden Prophecies in the Song of Moses,” “Guardians of the Grail,” “They Pierced the Veil, “The Mystery of the Menorah and the Hebrew Alphabet” “and “On the Eve of Adam.”

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