I woke up Monday morning in my Atlanta hotel room and sighed, another boring airport day. Good thing I have Doug Giles’ new book, “Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls,” and Bob Barr’s “The Meaning of Is” to carry me home. I decided not to get the TSA naked radiation scan but the molestation pat down.

I was in Atlanta for the premiere of “Clip,” a short film about a paperclip. It turned out fantastic, thanks to brilliant writer Alan Tregoning and producers Wes and Amanda Llewellyn and Jeff Rose. It will be screening April 1 at the 168 Film Festival in Burbank.

My cell rang. “Inside Edition” wanted me. I looked around the room. Do I have any scandals?! And, how’d they get my number?! They said it was about my WorldNetDaily column on Muslims. Then, they called right back and said, no, it’s about the gay “Glee” kiss I briefly mentioned in my Muslim column. Oh boy.

It’s not about me. It’s not about homosexuality. It’s about the cross. “The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God,” 1 Corinthians 1:18.

At the TV studio, on air, I spoke for 30 minutes and mentioned several Bible verses including Romans 1:24-32, which puts homosexuality in a list of sins including gossip. I said Romans 2 tells us not to “judge” because we are all sinners. I quoted Romans 3:23, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God,” and Ephesians 2:8-9: “For by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Of course, when my segment aired, the Bible verses had been edited out. They showed clips from “Saturday Night Live” when I was 28 years old, and then a slow-motion close-up of me pouting at age 51 (with bad lighting). They used about one minute of my 30-minute interview.)

Driving to the Atlanta airport, I thought about G, my lifelong college friend from Auburn. He drove with me cross country in my 1980 beat-up Toyota Starlet when I went to Hollywood to be an actress. He was the only person who believed in me. He knows all of my sins. I know a few of his. I always tell him I don’t believe he is “gay” – we went on a date once and even kissed. We wrote a screenplay together. He loves drama. I can picture him now laughing, “Victoria, what are you doing?! Your career! You’ll never work again in Hollywood! Oh, but Hollywood loves a scandal!” And, then the twinkle in his eye. I can see my best friend A, who I also tell is not “gay,” saying in his British accent, “Victoria, my shiny, shiny friend! I still love you!” and then the big hug!

My cell rings. It is CNN. Oh boy. The liberal, left, propaganda channel! I’m sure this won’t be pleasant! At 5 p.m. I’m sitting in a studio at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters, looking into a monitor. I feel like I’m in the book “1984,” where the protagonist is being grilled and electrocuted when he answers the wrong way. The TV screen is showing the gay teenage kiss over and over and over. My dad limited my exposure to carnality during my youth – no TV and no PG or R movies. He said things you see stick in your head forever. He wanted me to have a virgin mind when I got married. Dad kept me innocent. That was his job. Maybe that is why I play “airheads” so well. I’m playing “innocence.”

Small children are watching “Glee,” ABC Family, the other hundred sex-saturated shows, and now “Inside Edition” is showing the gay kiss over and over and over.

American children, with their blank slate, fertile minds anxious to learn and receive guidance and information, are being brainwashed by the secular-humanist media to be sexually promiscuous/ambiguous and anti-God. The innocence of an entire generation has been stolen. They will not know love letters, romance, purity or the blessings of following Jesus. They are not being taught that there is such a thing as sin, or that sin always leads to heartache. They are being taught that there are no absolutes and that whatever feels good is truth. Secular humanism: It’s the great lie of Satan.

II Corinthians 4:4 says, “Satan, the god of this evil world has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe, so they are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News that is shining upon them.”

It’s now 5:05 p.m. at the CNN interrogation room. In my ear contraption, I can’t tell when the blond lady is talking to America or when she is talking to me. There are all these noises, dings, zings, flashbacks, videos, her face, my face. I hear her shout, “Are you homophobic?!!” a couple times. Her eyes are full of hate. These people are like robots, pod people. They have no minds of their own. They say the words they’ve been programmed to say, even if it’s stupid. They support the Muslim agenda. However, Muslims kill homosexuals and behead women. When these pod people get confused, they shout, “Hate speech, bigot!

(The Huffington Post went so far as to say I “dislike sex”! Oh, do I? Ask my husband of 19 years!)

Can’t one liberal stray from the pack and say, “Hey, Sarah Palin is the perfect feminist!” just to show they have a brain of their own? It’s like they all got a playbook to memorize, “Obama: good. Muslim: good. Christian: bad. Palin: dumb. Lesbian: good. Gay: normal. Climate change: man made. Capitalism: bad. Socialism: good. Beck: fear monger. Van Jones: never heard of him. Soros who? Bigot, hate speech, homophobe, border racist, tea-party racist. Black: good. White: bad. Latin: good. Oil: bad. Bank: bad. Rich: bad. Church: stupid. Guns: bad.” Whew! Got it! Now, I can be cool. No one can hurt me.

It’s 5:08 p.m. in the lion’s den at CNN. It’s all a swirl of shouts and finger wagging. I try to warn teens about STDs. I hear, “Why are you doing this?” I think I reply, “I’m worried about our country. Leviticus 26 says God will bless the nation that blesses Him, and He can’t bless us if we … spit in His face. … I’m trying to encourage people to stand up for what they believe in and not hide in church and preach to the choir.”

When I walk through the cavernous lobby to leave CNN, I glance around and no one is smiling at me. They look away, or they look mean. Pod people. No minds of their own. Brainwashed. They wear identical hairdos, identical clothes and have identical thoughts. I look into a woman’s face and smile. She looks away. The black guard won’t validate my parking ticket. He doesn’t smile. It’s 1984. I am in the movie “1984.” I’m the only person left on earth who can think for herself. This is eerie.

Gays propagate the opinion that they were born this way and have no choice. They say they did not ask for their same-sex attraction. Everyone I know was born with sexual attraction they did not ask for. Should they act on it? Should my husband commit adultery because he has an attraction to another woman? Should my teenager fornicate because she was born with a strong urge to have sex with her boyfriend? Should I have sex with anyone I am attracted to? II Corinthians 10:5 says to “take every thought captive.”

Believers are told to “take every thought captive” that doesn’t conform to Christ’s standards. We must evaluate every one of our actions, desires and impulses and bring everything under the control of Jesus. It’s for our own happiness.

It’s almost impossible to be an actor and stay true to your Christian values. The force is so strong to compromise when you are the one facing the test. I can understand the position of the producers wanting success (and having an agenda), the actors finally getting a meaty role in a hit show, and the audience desperately needing a vacation from reality and wanting to relax and be entertained.

But, the line has been crossed. Actors play murderers, robbers and gossips, but the gay lifestyle is always glorified. The other sins always seem to be punished or redeemed, but TV shows never show the downside to homosexuality: the loneliness, shame, broken families and marriages, diseases. The shame does not come from “society” but from God. So, even if the gays get everyone in the world to accept their behavior as “normal,” there will still be shame, because it goes against God. Unless sin numbs their soul and their heart turns to stone, they will hear the still, small voice of God saying, “I have a better way.”

I was asked to do a lesbian kiss in a show once, and I said no. But, I’m guilty of being part of a few movies that may have been a bad influence on young people. I’m very sorry to anyone I led away from God.

The liberal media cannot understand how a Christian can love a homosexual and yet not condone their lifestyle. My gay friends and I don’t discuss each other’s sex lives. My gay friend S. called me last night and told me that he knows I love him.

Here’s the good news of the cross. It applies to everyone, gay or straight: “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved … whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame. … whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved,” Romans 10:9-13.

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