WASHINGTON – Just weeks from perhaps the most important vote in Congress this year, House Republicans are moving away from approving a hike in the debt limit toward a rejection that will require massive cuts in spending, including program elimination and probably the shutdown of long-standing departments of the federal government, a WND survey of members shows.

The latest tally shows 142 House Republicans opposing a raise in the $14.3 trillion debt limit with only 20 favoring it. Another 39 are undecided, while 40 say they would only vote to raise the debt limit with conditions, such as agreement on major cuts, entitlement reform of a balance budget agreement.

The survey included contact by email or phone with all GOP House staffers, or, a reliance on recent public statements by members. It was conducted this week.

A WND survey taken in early March showed 122 House Republicans opposed to raising the debt limit under any circumstances with 23 favoring it.

“This is a remarkable change and shows Americans still have a chance at stopping the borrowing-and-spending madness in Washington in the near term,” said Joseph Farah, organizer of a grass-roots online lobbying effort called the “No More Red Ink” campaign targeted only at House Republicans. “We are effectively moving House Republicans against raising the debt limit – and they are beginning to realize this is where their real power is.”

Shock the Washington establishment by participating in the “No More Red Ink” campaign and shut down all new plans for bailouts, “stimulus” spending and even the funding for Obamacare.

Though there has been little discussion about it in the national media or even on Capitol Hill, House Republicans hold all the cards on denying a debt limit increase. With control of the House, they need only 218 votes against it to freeze borrowing and force the federal government to begin living within its means immediately.

Farah’s campaign is focused on that increasingly real possibility. Republicans are frustrated with the unwillingness of Democrats in the House and Senate and Barack Obama in the White House to concede what they see as any meaningful restructuring of government to deal with skyrocketing debt.

“I hope this survey opens the eyes of House Republicans as well as the rest of the news media to what could be a history-making development in the House,” Farah said. “Even though House Speaker John Boehner favors raising the debt limit, his majority clearly does not. Most House Republicans understand why voters gave them the House last November and they are responding to the public pressure they are getting from the “No More Red Ink” campaign.

Farah’s “No More Red Ink” campaign has delivered nearly 1 million letters to House Republicans in the last six weeks urging them to buck the pressure from the Federal Reserve, Obama and the Democrats to take a unilateral action to bring spending under control.

“Americans are beginning to realize that House Republicans have all the power to stop this borrowing-and-spending madness with one vote,” says Farah. “Why are any Republicans for a debt limit hike? Why would they want to give Barack Obama and the Democrats in the Senate the leverage they need to keep borrowing and spending? And why, in particular, is the House Republican leadership bucking the majority of its own caucus and going along with the majority of Democrats in the House?”

Farah says the dirty, little secret Boehner and the entire Washington establishment don’t want Americans to know is that he can – with one vote – enact the most sweeping cuts in federal spending in a century, by simply blocking an increase in the debt limit in the next 30 days.

“If Boehner came out tomorrow in support of this position, the entire bloc of 241 House Republicans would stand behind him,” Farah said. “They want him to do it. Most of them support this position right now. They want to say no. And this is the one thing Republicans can do this year that will have a dramatic, historic impact on policy – helping to return us right now to limited constitutional government once again.”
Farah calls the vote the most important that will be cast in Congress in the next two years and, perhaps, the most important in the last century.

“The tide is turning against raising the debt limit,” says Farah. “When this campaign began, we could identify only two or three solid Republican votes. Now we have identified 142. That’s real progress, but we only have two or three more weeks left to make history.”

Shock the Washington establishment by participating in the “No More Red Ink” campaign and shut down all new plans for bailouts, “stimulus” spending and even the funding for Obamacare.

Boehner repeatedly has said publicly that the debt limit will have to be raised, at the same time pushing for spending cuts. Boehner believes failure to raise the debt limit will result in defaults on loan obligations and poses danger to the government’s credit rating, an assessment he shares with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

But the Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute and Investors Business Daily have all downplayed the threat of defaults with studies showing the government can still service the interest on the existing debt with tax revenues if substantial cuts in the budget are made.

In response to the survey results, Mike Steele, spokesman for Boehner, told WND: “The speaker has made it clear that while the president is begging us to raise the debt limit without cutting spending, that is obviously unacceptable to the American people. We need to cut spending and institute reforms so that we can keep cutting.”

He declined to say whether or not he was surprised by the heavy support for a debt-limit freeze within the Republican House majority. Farah was pleasantly surprised by the results of the survey.

“The press has largely assumed Republican House members would go along with business as usual, but apparently no one has taken an actual head count,” said Farah. “This survey strongly suggests there is a very real chance the House will say no to another debt limit increase – an action that would signal a fundamental restructuring of the way the federal government operates.”

Since approval of both houses of Congress is required to raise the debt limit, this is one of the very few meaningful actions the Republican-controlled House can take without the consent of the Senate or the White House.

Farah has called it the Republicans’ “secret weapon.”

If a debt limit increase is not approved, all borrowing by the federal government would stop. It would mandate the biggest cuts in the federal budget in generations – to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

In addition to the building opposition from House Republicans, at least one Democrat in the House has signaled his objection to more borrowing – Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y.

Shock the Washington establishment by participating in the “No More Red Ink” campaign and shut down all new plans for bailouts, “stimulus” spending and even the funding for Obamacare.

Here are the results of the survey:

Representative Yes No Undecided Conditional Yes Condition
Donald Young                      AK-00         X      
 Joe Bonner                          AL-01      X    
 Martha Roby                       AL-02    X      
 Mike Rogers                       AL-03    X      
 Robert Aderholt                  AL-04    X      

 Mo Brooks                          AL-05

       X  balanced budget
 Spencer Bachus                   AL-06  X        
 Rick Crawford                     AR-01      X    
 Tim Griffin                          AR-02      X    
 Steve Womack                    AR-03        X  
 Paul Gosar                           AZ-01        X  spending cuts
 Trent Franks                        AZ-02    X    
 Ben Quayle                          AZ-03      X    
 David Schweikert                AZ-05        X  Spending cuts
 Jeff Flake                             AZ-06    X      
 Wally Herger                       CA-02    X      
 Dan Lungren                        CA-03    X      
 Tom McClintock                 CA-04    X      
 Jeff Denham                        CA-19    X      
 Devin Nunez                        CA-21    X      
 Kevin McCarthey                CA-22  X        
 Elton Gallegly                     CA-24    X      
 Buck McKeon                     CA-25     X      
 David Drier                           CA-26        X    
 Ed Royce                              CA-40    X      
 Jerry Lewis                           CA-41    X      
 Garry Miller                         CA-42                 X balanced budget
 Ken Calvert                          CA-44    X      
 Mary Bono Mack                  CA-45        X  
 Dana Rohrabacher                 CA-46    X      
 John Campbell                       CA-48    X      
 Darrell Issa                            CA-49    X      
 Brian Billbray                        CA-50    X      
 Duncan Hnter                         CA-52      X    
 Scott Tipton                           CO-03    X      
 Cory Gardner                         CO-04      X      
 Doug Lamborn                       CO-05    X      
 Mike Coffman                       CO-06         X  balanced budget
 Jeff Miller                              FL-01        X  spending cuts
 Steve Southerland                  FL-02      X    
 Ander Crenshaw                    FL-04    X      
 Rich Nugent                           FL-05      X    
 Cliff Stearns                          FL-06    X      
 John Mica                              FL-07      X    
 Daniel Webster                  FL-08     X      
 Gus Billrakis                          FL-09      X    
 C.W. Bill Young                    FL-10    X      
 Dennis Ross                           FL-12    X      
 Vern Buchanan                       FL-13    X      
 Connie Mack                          FL-14    X      
 Bill Posey                               FL-15    X      
 Tom Rooney                           FL-16        X                                  spending cuts
 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen               FL-18    X      
 Mario Diaz-Balart                  FL-21        X  spending cuts
 Allen West                              FL-22    X      
 Sandy Adams                           FL-24      X    
 David Rivera                            FL-25    X      
 Jack Kingston                         GA-01    X      
 Lynn Westmorland                 GA-03    X      
 Tom Price                               GA-06           X  spending limits
 Rob Woodall                          GA-07      X    
 Austin Scott                            GA-08      X    
 Tom Graves                             GA-09    X      
 Paul Broun                               GA-10    X      
 Phil Gingrey                            GA-11    X      
 Tom Latham                             IA-04    X      
 Steve King                                IA-05    X      
 Paul Labrador                          ID-01    X      
 Mike Simpson                         ID-02        X  spending cuts
 Peter Roskam                          IL-06  X        
 Joe Welsh                                IL-08    X      
 Robert Dold                            IL-10  X        
 Adam Kinzinger                      IL-11        X  balanced budget
 Judy Biggert                            IL-13    X      
 Randy Hultgren                       IL-14    X      
 Timothy Johnson                    IL-15    X      
 Donald Manzullo                    IL-16    X      
 Bobby Schilling                      IL-17    X      
 Aaron Schock                         IL-18 X        
 John Shimkus                         IL-19    X      
 Marlin Stutzman                     IN-03    X      
 Todd Rokita                             IN-04    X      
 Dan Burton                              IN-05    X      
 Mike Pence                             IN-06    X      
 Larry Buschon                         IN-08    X      
 Todd Young                             IN-09      X    
 Tim Huelskamp                      KS-01    X      
Lynn Jenkins                           KS-02    X      
 Kevin Yoder                           KS-03       X  budget cuts
 Mike Pompeo                        KS-04 X        
 Ed Whitfield                          KY-01    X      
 Brett Guthrie                         KY-02        X  balanced budget
 Jeoff Davis                            KY-04      X    
 Hal Rogers                            KY-05  X        
 Steve Scalise                         LA-01    X      
 Jeff Landry                            LA-03    X      
 John Flemming                     LA-04    X      
 Rodney Alexander                LA-05        X  spending cuts
 Bill Cassidy                           LA-06      X    
 Charles Boostaney                LA-07    X      
 Andy Harris                           MD-01    X      
 Roscoe Bartlett                     MD-06    X      
 Dan Banishek                         MI-01    X      
 Bill Huizenga                         MI-02    X      
 Justin Amash                          MI-03    X      
 Dave Camp                             MI-04  X        
 Fred Upton                             MI -06        X  spending cuts
 Tim Walberg                          MI-07    X      
 Mike Rogers                          MI-08    X      
 Candice Miller                       MI-10    X      
 Thaddeus McCotter               MI-11    X      
 John Kline                              MN-02    X      
 Erik Paulsen                           MN-03        X  spending cuts
 Michelle Bachman                 MN-06    X      
 Chip Cravaack                          MN-08      X    
 Todd Akin                                MO-02    X      
 Vicki Hartzler                         MO-04    X      
 Sam Graves                             MO-06      X    
 Billy Long                               MO-07    X      
 Jo Ann Emerson                     MO-08      X    
 Blaine Luetkemeyer               MO-09    X      
 Alan Nunnelee                         MS-01        X  balanced budget
 Gregg Harper                           MS-03    X      
 Steven Palazzo                         MS-04        X  spending cuts
 Danny Rehberg                        MT-00    X      
 Renee Ellmers                         NC-02      X    
 Walter Jones                            NC-03    X      
 Virginia Foxx                           NC-05    X      
 Howard Coble                          NC-06    X      
 Sue Myrick                               NC-09    X      
 Patrick McHenry                     NC-10      X    
 Rick Berg                                 ND-00  X        
 Jeff Fortenberry                      NE-01      X    
 Lee Terry                                 NE-02        X  balanced budget
 Adrian Smith                            NE-03      X    
 Frank Juinta                              NH-01    X      
 Charles Bass                            NH-02  X        
 Frank Lobiondo                       NJ-02    X      
 Jon Runyan                              NJ-03      X    
 Christopher Smith                   NJ-04    X      
 Scott Garrett                            NJ-05     X      
 Leonard Lance                         NJ-07    X      
 Rodney Frelinghuysen            NJ-11    X      
 Steve Pearce                            NM-02    X      
 Dean Heller                             NV-02    X      
 Joe Heck                                  NV-03      X    
 Peter King                                NY-03  X        
 Michael Grimm                       NY-13  X        
 Nan Hayworth                          NY-19      X    
 Chris Gibson                            NY-20      X    
 Richard Hanna                          NY-24        X  spending cuts
 Ann Marie Buerkle                  NY-25    X      
 Tom Reed                                 NY-29        X  entitlement cuts
 Steve Chabot                            OH-01    X      
 Jean Schmidt                            OH-02    X      
 Michael Turner                        OH-03      X    
 Jim Jordan                                OH-04        X  spending cuts
 Bob Latta                                  OH-05    X      
 Bill Johnson                             OH-06    X      
 Steve Austria                            OH-07    X      
 John Beohner                           OH-08  X        
 Pat Tiberi                                  OH-12    X      
 Steven La Tourette                   OH-14      X    
 Steve Stivers                             OH-15    X      
 Jim Rennaci                              OH-16  X        
 Bob Gibbs                                 OH-18    X      
 John Sullivan                             OK-01    X      
 Frank Lucas                              OK-03    X      
 Tom Cole                                  OK-04        X  spending cuts
James Lankford                          OK-05 X
 Greg Walden                              OR-02      X    
 Mike Kelly                                 PA-03    X      
 Glenn Thompson                        PA-05    X      
 Jim Gerlach                                PA-06    X      
 Patrick Meehan                          PA-07        X  spending cuts
 Mike Fitzpatrick                         PA-08      X    
 Bill Shuster                                 PA-09        X  spending cuts
 Tom Marino                               PA-10  X        
 Lou Barletta                               PA-11    X      
 Charlie Dent                               PA-15    X      
 Joe Pitts                                     PA-16    X      
 Tim Murphy                               PA -18    X      
 Todd Platts                                PA-19      X    
 Tim Scott                                   SC-01    X      
 Joe Wilson                                  SC-02    X      
 Jeff Duncan                               SC-03    X      
 Trey Gowdy                              SC-04    X      
 Mick Mulvaney                          SC-05    X      
 Kristi Noem                               SD-00    X      
 Phil Roe                                     TN-01        X  spending cuts
 John J. Duncan Jr.                     TN-02    X      
 Chuck Fleischmenn                  TN-04         X  spending cuts
 Scott Desjarlais                         TN-05      X    
 Diane Black                               TN-06      X    
 Marsha Blackburn                     TN-07    X      
 Stephen Lee Fincher                 TN-08    X      
 Louie Gohmert                          TX-01    X      
 Ted Poe                                    TX-02    X      
 Sam Johnson                              TX-03  X        
 Ralph Hall                                  TX-04    X      
 Jeb Hensarling                           TX-05        X  spending cuts
 Joe Barton                                  TX-06    X      
 John Calberson                          TX-07        X  repeal health care
 Kevin Brady                               TX-08    X      
 Michael McCaul                        TX-10    X      
 Michael Conaway            &nbsp

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