Members of a cutting-edge team of pro-life activists at Live Action contend that a recent statement from Planned Parenthood executive Cecile Richards reveals exactly why taxpayer funding for the abortion business should be discontinued immediately.

In lobbying for defeat of a congressional plan that would cut off taxpayer support for the abortion business’ leading player, Richards claimed: “If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women in this country are going to lose their health-care access – not to abortion services – to basic family planning, you know, mammograms.”

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But Live Action workers who called 30 Planned Parenthood business locations across the nation said “every single one admitted they could not do mammograms.”

The report:

Live Action is the youth-led pro-life group responsible for recent undercover videos revealing Planned Parenthood staff, from management on down, willing to aid and abet the sex trafficking of young girls at seven clinics.

President Lila Rose said the new recordings confirm the corruption at the organization.

“Planned Parenthood is first and foremost an abortion business, but Planned Parenthood and its allies will say almost anything to try and cover up that fact and preserve its taxpayer funding,” she said. “It’s not surprising that an organization found concealing statutory rape and helping child sex traffickers would misrepresent its own services so brazenly, playing on women’s fears, in order to protect their tax dollars.”

Former Planned Parenthood branch director Abby Johnson explained that the recordings show Planned Parenthood is focused on abortion and is not a comprehensive health care provider.

“For so long PP has touted that they are a provider of mammogram services. This is just one of the lies that PP uses to draw people into their clinics. PP is not able to provide quality services on their own, so they are forced to lie to the public about services they don’t provide – and mammograms are just one of those services,” she stated.

Both Rose and Johnson are encouraging leaders in Congress to support the proposal that would eliminate all taxpayer funds from the Planned Parenthood business budget.

In the last reported year, the business was paid $363 million by taxpayers.

The recording reveals this response to a query about mammogram services in Georgetown: “Um, we do not provide mammograms. Let me give you a number at our family health center because they’re going to be able to advise you a little better than I am because we don’t, um, deal with the – the health side of it so much. We’re mostly a surgical facility.”

From Indianapolis: “We don’t here.”

From Atlanta: “We do not.”

From St. Louis, “We don’t.”

Similar responses came from branches in New Jersey, New York, Iowa and Arizona, where Planned Parenthood workers admitted they had to refer a patient to “a different agency altogether because we don’t provide those services whatsoever.”

“We actually don’t have a mammogram machine at our clinics,” said a staff member in Overland Park, Kan.

Live Action previously revealed that employees of Planned Parenthood were willing to aid and abet underage sex trafficking, prompting the move to defund the abortion industry leader.

In those videos, members of the group posed as the “managers” of 14- and 15-year-old prostitutes, even girls illegally brought into the country, and taped employees offering services, proposing ways to skirt mandatory reporting laws and helping the pimps find ways to get abortions for the girls.

Live Action’s exposé was filmed in Washington, D.C., and includes the audio of a Planned Parenthood employee offering to refer a Live Action member posing as a sex-trafficker of underage girls to clinics where the teens could get abortions.

“If they need an abortion or something?” the “pimp” asked. “Well, what’s the process for that?”

“For that, we don’t do it,” the Planned Parenthood employee answered. “But we give referrals.”

Audio of the exchange can be heard below:

Rose, a UCLA student, and her team of friends have conducted stings that prompted multiple investigations by states. Investigations in Virginia cost Planned Parenthood $500,000 in funding, in Orange County, Calif., $300,000, the potential loss of $1.1 million in Tennessee and another $4.5 million in California.

Further, the Monroe County, Ind., prosecutor launched a grand jury investigation in response to videos revealing alleged sexual abuse cover-up. In Arizona, the Maricopa County prosecutor asked the legislature to strengthen existing reporting statutes. In Alabama, Attorney General Troy King launched an investigation of Planned Parenthood, and in the same state, the Department of Health put Planned Parenthood of Birmingham on probation after finding many violations.

Previous videos document misinformation coming from Planned Parenthood:

Also uncovered was the willingness to accept race-based donations:

And then there’s the issue of concealing sex abuse:

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