As anyone in the revolving door, Democratic-lobbyist, D.C. first-press corps will tell you, ALL of George Bush’s wars were about oil. Even the ones where there was no oil anywhere about.

By the same token, NONE of the current White House occupant’s war efforts are about oil. Not even the ones where we’re trying to decide which side to buy the oil from:

“(Reuters) – Crude oil sales by Libyan rebels would not be subject to U.S. sanctions if they are completed outside of the National Oil Corp or any other entity connected to Moammar Gadhafi’s regime, a Treasury Department official said on Monday.”

Well, good thing this isn’t a war-mongering, Republican administration, or this whole kinetic-military-action thing might be about oil. Or perhaps – having pushed gasoline prices up toward the impeachment threshold – Democrats are beginning to worry about “supply and demand.” Oh, not the dirty, capitalist kind of supply and demand that requires oil and refineries. No, more like the supply of Democrats remaining after the demands of the next election.

It is refreshing to see that Obama has kept at least one campaign promise during his tenure: making gasoline so expensive that only the very wealthy (who contribute overwhelmingly Democratic), those who play the very wealthy in movies and on television (who contribute overwhelmingly Democratic), and our political royalty (who contribute overwhelmingly from our tax dollars to those who vote Democratic) could afford to put gasoline in their tanks.

Our political-politburo-royalty, of course, don’t have to buy gasoline. We buy it for them. In fact, they don’t have to buy the gas guzzler-sized cars to put it in – we pay for those, too. It’s just a small part of their miserly, public-sector compensation packages that will leave them all derelict in their old age.

I guess there must be something morally reprehensible about developing the oil resources we have in this country, enjoying the benefits of the great-paying jobs they produce, taxing the oil to pay off the national debt, and thumbing our noses at the likes of Libya and Saudi Arabia.

In fact, it must be not only morally reprehensible, it must make terrible business sense to spend all those petrodollars here at home, when we could be shipping them to our “friends” overseas.

Sure wish I knew why using our oil here at home is so terribly wrong.

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