Wednesday evening, word began to leak out that John Boehner was going to make a deal with the Democrats. Instead of the $100 billion that the GOP had promised in cuts, there would only be around $33 billion in cuts, and the riders that would defund Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and NPR would be dealt with separately. In other words, they would be put in bills that have no chance of ever becoming law.

The time-honored Republican tradition of surrender is in full swing in Washington today.

The problem is, the American people and the tea-party movement did not send Republicans to Washington to surrender. We sent them to cut the budget.

In a couple of weeks, the government will hit the debt ceiling. In other words, the government will have borrowed all of the money it is allowed to borrow. It must either get authorization to borrow more money or stop spending.

John Boehner has demonstrated that he has no stomach for a fight and no commitment to stopping the insane spending that is sending this country into insolvency.

Two years ago, the tea-party movement arose with a simple message. We will not sit back quietly while the extreme liberal fringe spends this country into bankruptcy and poverty.

The Republicans talked a good game during the election season. Even after the election season, Boehner has talked about the need to cut spending. Wednesday, on his website, his staff posted an article about how high deficits and debt kills jobs. John, if you believe this, why aren’t you cutting spending?

Besides the time-honored Republican tradition of surrender, another Republican tradition is also going on. Republicans come home and talk a great conservative game, and then when they get back to Washington, they forget their beliefs and fold to the Democrats.

No more.

It is time, again, for a tea-party insurrection.

We have two issues to fight. First is this budget. Reducing spending by $33 billion in the face of a $1.65 trillion deficit is not a cut; it is a joke.

We need to stop this budget and refuse to let the GOP off the hook unless there is a complete defunding of Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and NPR. The GOP ran on defunding Obamacare. For better or worse, we believed them. Now it is time for them to honor their promises to us.

The events of the last few days have made it painfully obvious that the GOP leadership is not serious about dealing with the out-of-control spending in Washington.

If they will not be serious about it, we must make them serious. We must use every tool at our disposal, calls, emails, tweets, faxes and personal visits to tell the Republicans not to raise the debt ceiling.

The Republicans in Congress have the budgetary “nuclear” option at their disposal! Let them know you expect them to use it by sending a message to all 241 GOP House members via the “No More Red Ink” campaign

When Washington hits the debt ceiling in a few days, our national debt will be 100 percent of our gross domestic product. In plain, non-lawyer English, this means that to pay off our national debt, it would take every cent of wealth America generates in 2011. There is a term for this; it is called insolvency.

The debt ceiling has been raised a number of times in the last 10 years. Each time, we are promised that fiscal discipline is right around the corner. The only thing that ends up being around the corner is yet another need to raise the debt ceiling.

Debt at 100 percent of GDP is something of a psychological marker. If we are not going to stop spending now, when will we?

Stopping the spending is actually simple. All we need are 218 House votes not to raise the debt ceiling, and Congress will have to balance the budget.

Will there be negative consequences if we do not raise the debt ceiling? Possibly. But what will be worse? Problems now or problems when the national debt is $28 trillion and we really are insolvent. Any problems we would have now pale in comparison to a national economic collapse.

It is time for the tea party to stand up and tell Congress, “No!” Do not spend any more money. Cut the spending, and under no circumstances raise the debt ceiling. Call, fax, email, tweet and visit your congressman’s office, and tell them this.

At Tea Party Nation, one of our favorite sayings is: It is not enough to simply to replace bad leadership. We must put good leadership in its place. When we kicked Nancy Pelosi out of the speaker’s chair, we replaced bad leadership. So far, we cannot say that we have put good leadership in its place.

We have a simple message to the GOP leadership. Cut the budget, do what you promised, and do not raise the debt ceiling. Do the right thing now, or we will do the right thing next year at the ballot box.

Judson Phillips is founder and CEO of Tea Party Nation.

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