Friend, I’m steamed. Don’t mind saying there’s smoke coming out of my ears. There is such irresponsible, anti-American, even treasonous behavior being enacted by some of our most fortunate citizens, people who are beneficiaries of one of our most cherished freedoms, that I must speak out.

In human history, and around the world today, there is nothing more cherished than liberty. Of all the people who’ve ever lived, only a minority have known perfect freedom: the unrestricted liberty to go, do, think, act – and speak – however they choose.

God bless our Founding Fathers. They knew so well, so deeply, that what drew our earliest colonists, the Pilgrims and the Puritans, across the uncharted ocean to our possibly inhospitable shores, was the dream of that unrestricted liberty – no matter what it cost, even their lives.

Our founders cherished and nourished that same dream. They determined to incorporate it into our Constitution, to preserve the dream they believed was God-given.

They believed our rights come from God, and that makes them divine, sacred, not to be toyed with or abused. And certainly not used for crass personal or political ends, to the terrible detriment and harm of others.

For them, and for our own forebears, rights are inseparable from responsibility. In fact, rights exercised irresponsibly and harmfully endanger their very existence. In time, people may give up their liberties to escape their abuses.

Well, in recent years, some people in the media – enjoying and abusing the precious Freedom of the Press – have brought disgrace and humiliation on our country and endangered countless American lives in the process. For what? To dig up some dirt, to get some profitable “scoop,” or worse, to promote their own warped political agenda.

In 1971, an anti-war activist and New Age ideologue, Daniel Ellsberg, employed by the RAND Corporation, a think tank allied with our military, obtained and managed to get into public circulation 7,000 pages of high-level, classified information. He cleverly got major newspapers to publish parts of those papers around the nation, eluding the injunctions and prohibitions that normally would have kept most of the Pentagon papers secret, as they legally were supposed to be. They didn’t have much effect on the progress of the Vietnam War, but they shed worldwide disfavor on some of America’s leaders, in their private conversations and strategy planning.

To other anti-war activists, Ellsberg was a hero; to millions of fellow Americans, including the families of thousands of brave soldiers just doing their ascribed duties in the deadliest of situations, he was, and is, a traitor.

During the lead-up to George W. Bush’s second election, CBS and Dan Rather were so anxious to discredit Bush, to promote John Kerry and to influence public opinion about the war in Iraq, that they obtained scandalous pictures about some abuses in the prison in Abu Ghraib and rushed them into print and onto “60 Minutes,” the flagship CBS information show. They didn’t report that the U.S. military had already discovered the abuses, had written a scathing report and was taking appropriate actions in house to deal with it and the 17 perpetrators.

It should have been a non-story, already stopped and being punished, but it was a sensation. It built ratings and sold papers and made our whole military look like absolute barbarians. The fact that it was so defamatory to the vast majority of our selfless soldiers and leaders, who had nothing to do with Abu Ghraib, and fortified the whole Middle Eastern view of America as “the great Satan,” didn’t matter to CBS and otherwise admirable reporter Dan Rather. Their “scoop,” their attempt to influence the war and the election, was top priority. Many considered the whole media circus treasonous, and after Dan also tried to discredit Bush’s military record, CBS had to fire him. The Bible says something about “not judging, lest you be judged.”

There have since been the scabrous Wikileaks, illegally obtained and internationally published classified information about America’s behind-closed-doors strategy sessions, but that can’t be categorized as treason, because the mercenary thief isn’t an American.

But now – and I think it’s the absolute worst treasonous act by the “free press” ––is the current publication by Rolling Stone magazine. The editors and their long established policy of anti-establishment, anti-military sedition had already accomplished the removal of Gen. Stanley McChrystal from his supreme position as chief of Joint Special Operations Command in Afghanistan. They did it by embedding a “journalist” in the war zone, supposedly to do objective reporting on our troops and their progress – and then building their piece on “off the cuff” remarks in unguarded, trusting moments that led to our commander in chief Obama “accepting the resignation” of the betrayed general, a genuine hero.

But that wasn’t enough; it only whetted their blood lust. Now they got hold of horrible pictures of indefensible actions by some of our soldiers in one Bravo company – and blasted them all over the world! Never mind that the Army had already taken strong and appropriate action to punish, discharge and even sentence to 24 years in prison the war-warped young Americans; here, for the Rolling Stone, was another golden opportunity to dishonor, discourage, demean and cripple our military. And they put many hundreds of pictures on their website, for all the world – including the enemies our soldiers must face – to see and be inflamed by, in their quest to defeat us.

Tell me, what’s the difference between a few of our youngest, morally numbed soldiers posing with dead casualties – and an international magazine publishing those same pictures all over the world, to discredit and hamper America’s military efforts? What’s your definition of treason? Mine includes “aiding and abetting the enemy.” There can be no question that the Rolling Stone attacks are doing that.

War is horrible. It’s inhumane. It inevitably affects the spirit and moral suasion of many, though most Americans make it through with valor and honor.

But the malicious anti-American attacks by Rolling Stone not only undermine our war effort, they abuse and smear the very freedom of the press that allows them to do it. With fifth columnists like those, who needs foreign enemies?

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