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The truth about the Quran revealed

Book of terror or book of peace?

That’s among the questions addressed by former Muslim Al Fadi, who has written a book and hosts a website offering an explanation to that question to non-Muslims, “who want to unravel the mysteries of Islam,” as well as Muslims, “who seek genuine choices far from the culture of ‘indoctrination.'”

The website is TheQuran.com and the book is The Quran Dilemma, and they are designed to show the deeply embedded contradictions and inconsistencies in the Quran.

Fadi says he undertook the project for two major reasons. The first is to make good resources available.

“Basically, myself as a former Muslim and the other team members working with me realized that every person who would like to know about Islam and the core teachings behind the radical movement, like Shariah law, and many of the other things that are taking place in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia for instance, they must go back to the Arabic resources,” Fadi said.

“Some of those date 1,400, 1,300 to 1,200 years ago. Not every Arabic speaking person knows how to read those kinds of documents clearly or even decipher its contents. Not only that, but some of them don’t even read Arabic,” Fadi continued.

Listen to the first part of Fadi’s interview here:

The second reason is that that Quran is crucial to understanding Islamic thought.

“We felt the need first of all to bring some of these critical analyses and information dealing with the Quran to the public, because the Quran is the essential foundation of Islam from which everything else comes,” Fadi stated.

“If you want to follow the prophet [Muhammad] and the model of the prophet of Islam, it is the Quran that commands you to do so,” Fadi said.

“If you want to, for instance, establish Shariah line in Islamic law, normally it is the Quran that is the first stop,” Fadi added.

Fadi says that an important detail in understanding Islam is that all Muslims are taught from childhood that the Quran is a perfect book.

The Quran Dilemma author’s assessment is backed up by the Islamic site, IslamiCity.com, that says that the Quran is, “a record of the exact words revealed by God by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad. It was memorized by Muhammad and then dictated to his companions, and written down by scribes, who cross-checked it during his lifetime. Not one word of its 114 chapters, Suras, has been changed over the centuries, so that the Quran is in every detail the unique and miraculous text which was revealed to Muhammad fourteen centuries ago.”

The host of TheQuran.com adds that Muslims are taught that every detail presented in the Quran is without error.

“Muslims teach that the Quran is a complete book and document and that anything you want to know about life [is] found in that book,” Fadi observed.

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“It doesn’t have grammatical errors. It doesn’t have historical errors and so on. Yet there are people who have been brave enough through the years to take the time to analyze things like this, whether they came from an Arabic background or whatever background,” Fadi explained.

“But for your everyday reader, to know about these things would be difficult. They would have to go to different sources. They have to know the reliable sources. That was the reason we decided to gather all of these in one place in one book,” Fadi stated.

The Quran Dilemma author adds that his work discusses the serious teachings of Islam like jihad and relationships with non-Muslims.

“In one part it will say, ‘Christians are your closest friends,’ yet in another chapter it says, ‘Christians and Jews are infidels and your enemies, enemies of God and you must kill them,'” Fadi pointed out. “Certainly people get confused. They have to rely on what they’re being told.”

“Radical Muslims, for instance, will tell you that the commands to kill are active and valid right now, simply because of a doctrine called the Doctrine of Abrogation or the Doctrine of Cancellation,” Fadi stated.

“I personally want to say that the radicals are truly following the teaching of the Quran. They truly understand what the Quran is teaching,” Fadi added.

Fadi says that the Doctrine of Abrogation is simply the result of Muhammad saying that later revelations that change the teachings supersede the earlier revelations.

Fadi also says that even though he’s a former Muslim, some critics of the site have accused him of not knowing the real truth of Islam.

Jihad Watch Executive Director Robert Spencer affirms Fadi and his team’s work.

“From what I can tell the site is accurate,” Spencer commented.

Institute for the Study of Political Islam Founder and Executive Director Bill Warner goes further, saying he’s already read Fadi’s book more than once.

“I have read Volume One twice. It is a brilliant work and the best classical Quran I have seen,” Warner observed.

Warner says that one of the best ways to really know Islam is to hear about it from former Muslims.

“I have always said that the apostate is our secret weapon. Never in the history of Islam have the apostates ever had any power. These apostates were scholars and bring an understanding that no Kafir [non-Muslim] can bring. This Quran is a strategic weapon that is the equivalent of the B-52 and atomic weapons. It attacks the very DNA of Islam,” Warner marveled.

Warner says the book itself has power.

“The Quran Dilemma is a work of subtlety and power. Their use of classical Arabic is devastating. I predict that this Quran will have political and intellectual effects.”

Fadi says Sura Nine is a key element of understanding Quranic doctrine and teaching. That emphasizes the Islamic reality that Quranic teaching should be taken literally.

“The commands aren’t in a narrative that took place 1,400 years ago and don’t have to be followed. They are actually open-ended imperatives that any Muslim at any time must adhere to and follow,” Fadi explained.

“Certainly if we study the history of Islam, we’ll see that they’ve followed it to the letter. That’s why we have invasions by Muslims to other countries. They have occupied Northern Africa, Southern Spain, went all the way to the borders of India, basically because they were following this mandate,” Fadi further explained.

Fadi says that the website will give the text of the Quran and commentaries on some of the verses. He says that the in-depth analysis on Sura Nine and the other controversial Suras will be found in the book, “The Quran Dilemma.” He says that some of the articles from the book can be found on the book’s accompanying blog, TheQuranDilemma.com.

Fadi adds that so far he’s only received negative comments on the blog, and said at some point, he expects threats.