In Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” the charade is going beautifully until a child calls out, “Look! The emperor has no clothes. He is walking through town without a shirt or a cape. He is not even wearing trousers.”

“The child is right,” whispered a few in the crowd. Soon word spread and the truth was out. The townsfolk began laughing and agreeing with the child.

“The emperor has no clothes!” they shouted. “The emperor has no clothes!”

And so it is in 2011, in the USA, when suddenly, with childlike innocence and a natural-born sense of curiosity, billionaire and would-be presidential candidate Donald Trump shouted from a media pedestal no one could ignore, “Look, the emperor has no birth certificate!”

Suddenly, just as I have been predicting for two years, the Trump card has been played that will make this scandal, so uncomfortable for the complicit establishment media to deal with forthrightly, the defining issue of the 2012 presidential election.

You might recall me saying on national television more than a year ago, “Barack Obama will not be able to visit any town or hamlet across the U.S. in his bid for re-election without facing signs that ask, ‘Where’s the birth certificate?'”

That prediction – hopeful back then, maybe even wishful thinking – is now becoming a reality.

I am now confident this scandal – and I use that word advisedly and repeatedly – is the new defining reality of the failed Obama administration.

The court jesters in the media and the political establishment will continue to dismiss it, but the polls tell a different story.

Most Americans don’t believe Obama – not just with regard to the economy or Libya or the other major issues of the day, but about his own life story! That’s the crux of the matter. That’s why this issue – this scandal – trumps everything else. That’s why it is a winning issue. That’s why Obama can run, but he can’t keep hiding his birth certificate and every other significant document and record of his life.

It’s a scandal reaching critical mass.

And the proverbial other shoe is about to drop.

That would be an explosive new book written by a two-time No. 1 New York Times best-selling author Jerome Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D. and senior staff writer for WND, called, appropriately, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President.”

This isn’t a book that merely raises questions. It provides what is becoming overwhelming evidence that Obama is not who he says he is. His life story is a fable, a myth created for political advancement, a fairy tale not unlike “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

The book is a game changer.

It’s been long in the making.

It’s the result of three years of research on Corsi’s part, as well as investigations conducted by other intrepid journalists at WND. It’s the result of fact-finding trips to Chicago, Hawaii and even one harrowing visit to Kenya, where Corsi and his party were detained at gunpoint for trying to unravel the mystery, the riddle, the enigma of Obama.

So let Bill O’Reilly and Anderson Cooper and the rest of the media pack make their excuses why inquiries into Obama’s past are fruitless, vain indulgences into fantasy and conspiracy. I fully expect them to grow even more hysterical and irrational in their defense of the status quo as they realize the house of cards they themselves helped to construct is about to come crashing down around them.

Would you like to help give that house of cards a little push? Would you like to show up Chris Matthews and the New York Times and the Associated Press and all the other so-called newsmen and organizations that have perpetrated this fraud on the American people? Would you like to see Obama exposed? Would you like to find out the truth about him once and for all?

I can now tell you how.

It’s just a simple matter of going over their heads.

It’s time to join the chorus: “The emperor has no birth certificate!”

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