State Sen. Sam Slom

The lone Republican in the Hawaii State Senate was interviewed on the radio this morning, explaining that while he believes Barack Obama was born in the Aloha State, he questions what might be on the original, long-form birth certificate that would prompt the president to go to such lengths to conceal it.

“I’m not a ‘birther,'” Hawaii State Sen. Sam Slom told Jeff Katz of WXKS Radio in Boston, “and I followed this from the very beginning. At first I followed it with amusement, and then I got really concerned about it, because the question was if it was not just the birth certificate, but other records as well – school records, academic records, work records – why would anyone spend millions of dollars in legal fees, particularly someone in public office, particularly someone in the highest public office, to not make that information public?”

As WND has reported, besides Obama’s actual birth documentation, the president has refused to release his Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, Illinois State Bar Association records, baptism records and his adoption records.

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“There are different theories,” Slom continued. “One is that there is no birth certificate at all; I don’t think that’s true, I think there is a birth certificate. The second is there may be some very interesting information that the president does not want released, for example, who his father really is or what’s listed on the birth certificate.

“In any event, here is the president of the United States,” Slom said, “you’ve got to have [a birth certificate to present], why don’t we require that of the president?”

Part of Katz’s interview with Slom can be heard below:

Recently, potential presidential candidate Donald Trump has also questioned why Obama has kept his records under lock and key, stating, “There’s something fishy about the whole thing,” and, “There’s something on that certificate that’s very bad for him.”

Slom referenced Trump after also explaining the difference between Hawaii’s official, long-form birth certificate and Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” posted online.

“We have two forms of the birth certificate,” Slom said. “One is the long-form, official certificate of live birth, and that’s the one that’s got all the data; and then there’s the short form, and that’s the one they’ve put up on the website … but that doesn’t go into detail, doesn’t give you all the information.

“So it comes back to the same thing,” he concluded. “Why would anybody, let alone the president, spend all this money, all this time, all this effort, not to disclose the information? And of course, we can come up with several different possibilities, but as Donald Trump and others have said, gee, it would be so much simpler if he just disclosed it and we move on.”

A second segment of the interview with Slom can be heard below:

As WND reported, Slom brought up questions after Hawaii’s Democrat Governor Neil Abercrombie pledged to find and reveal Obama’s birth documentation, then not only failed to follow through, but also asked for the resignation of the man he had chosen to serve as head of the Hawaii Department of Health.

Slom wrote Abercrombie, asking what happened with Dr. Neal Palafox, a well-respected physician picked to replace Chiyome Fukino, who had served as guardian of Barack Obama’s birth certificate when she was head of the department.

Abercrombie responded in a letter, saying little more than, “I will comment if and when appropriate.”

The blogosphere at the time was rife with speculation that Abercrombie dispatched Palafox as health director because he was unable to produce evidence supporting Abercrombie’s repeated claims Obama was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center.

And while Slom did not respond to WND requests for reaction to Abercrombie’s terse letter, the state senator has said he would be happy to use the Palafox case if it would permit him to open up to the public any birth records the Hawaii health department has on Obama.

“If Palafox serves as a shoehorn to get for the public any Obama birth records the Hawaii Department of Health has, I am all for doing so,” he said. “I don’t understand why Obama has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep all his records from the public – not just his Hawaii birth records, but his passport records and his school records. All Obama’s records should be public, including any Hawaii birth records that exist.”

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