With oil and gas prices skyrocketing, the U.S. is engaged in a war to ensure Europe’s supplies of the lifeblood of modern nations continue unabated.

Meanwhile, severe restrictions remain in place on U.S. drilling for domestic supplies of oil – onshore, offshore, in Alaskan reserves, in the Gulf of Mexico and in newly discovered oil-rich areas of Montana and the Dakotas. There hasn’t been a refinery built in the U.S. in 30 years. Despite its massive debt, the U.S. has transferred billions of taxpayer dollars to Brazil to drill for oil for its own domestic use. The last U.S. nuclear power plant to begin construction was in 1977.

What are we to conclude from this?

The only conclusion I can draw is that there is a concerted effort to deprive the U.S. of the energy it needs to be prosperous, to place the U.S. in a position of dependency on other nations and to redistribute wealth globally.

This war on American oil and other domestic energy sources hardly began with Barack Obama, but it has reached new heights of absurdity under his leadership.

If you think I am just being some kind of conspiracy nut about this, let’s review some history.

“Let My People Drill!” and other WND bumper stickers send an unmistakable message about domestic oil production

Those of us old enough to remember recall that this war on oil began in earnest in the 1970s when environmental hysteria about pollution from automobiles and industry prompted Congress to impose strict standards on air pollution. Back then, the concerns were over actual pollutants – the particulates that were released into the atmosphere that could affect health by making the air we breathe dirtier.

At the same time, the government kept jacking up taxes on every gallon of gasoline to the point where oil companies were making less on each gallon sold than did the government.

The government also placed far greater restrictions on domestic drilling and refining than it did on oil imported from other nations.

Then, when all of that did not completely strangle the economy of the U.S., the government found new reasons to limit the use of oil and gasoline – “global warming.” I won’t even bother here to make the case that so-called catastrophic, manmade climate change is one of the biggest con jobs ever perpetrated on mankind, but suffice it to say that, if you view the context and history of government actions as a continuum, you begin to appreciate why such a hoax would be invented.

The government-propagated fear of carbon dioxide, a natural, non-polluting element necessary to all life, today represents the primary excuse for not harnessing the natural resources the U.S. has in abundance.

But as public doubts about “global warming” grow, a new excuse for not drilling and refining had to be found.

Voila! The BP oil accident.

Now oil drilling had to be stopped because of humanitarian concerns about safety.

Even while providing unconstitutional taxpayer subsidies to foreign oil companies to drill for oil in foreign lands for foreign consumption, without concern for safety regulations, the U.S. imposed the most draconian restrictions on domestic oil drilling for domestic use.

But it gets worse.

Obama now tells the U.S. public we have to curtail the use of foreign oil!

Ironically, he’s right about this. We should curtail dependence on foreign oil. But we can’t do that by building windmills. The only way to accomplish that is to take the handcuffs off the American oil industry and start drilling and refining again – for American consumers.

You want to end this recession?

You’ve got to drill.

You want to end American foreign military adventures?

You’ve got to drill.

You want to make America prosperous and secure?

You’ve got to drill.

It’s time to end the war on American oil.

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