In the 1979 TV movie “The Birth of the Beatles,” there’s a scene at the end where three of the band members dump drummer Pete Best and replace him with Ringo Starr before traveling to America.

“He’s not a Beatle,” Lennon says of Best. “He’s not one of us.”

Well, after two years as president, a growing number of Americans have come to the same conclusion about Barack Hussein Obama.

He’s not one of us.

It’s not just that he has described himself as a “street kid from Jakarta,” or that he characterized the Muslim call to prayer as one of the prettiest sounds on earth, or that he denigrated a sizable portion of our population as hateful and fearful people who “cling to their guns and their [Christian] religion,” or that his wife has called America “a mean country” and said she was never proud of this nation until her husband started winning political primaries.

It’s not only that he has belittled the idea of American exceptionalism or that he has gone all over the world on a Global Groveling Tour, apologizing for our country and bowing before dictators, treating our friends as enemies and enemies as friends.

Nor is it his constant attempts to edit God out of our nation’s history, heritage and founding documents, like when he consistently removes the reference to our Creator from the Declaration of Independence and misquotes our national motto, “In God We Trust.”

No, it’s much more than all of that.

It’s more than his lifelong association with radicals like the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers; more than his spending over two decades in the church of his spiritual mentor, the vile hatemonger “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright; more than his appointment of a host of radicals to the highest positions of power, like putting the pervert Kevin Jennings in charge of promoting safe schools and making the avowed communist Van Jones his “green czar.”

And it’s more than his promise during the 2008 campaign to “spread the wealth around” or the subsequent government expansions into our health care, banking and auto-making industries. It’s more than his vow to “fundamentally transform America,” or his shocking attempts to do just that by homosexualizing our military, suddenly deciding he would not enforce the Defense Of Marriage Act and claiming that his position on “gay” marriage is “evolving” (i.e., he lied about it initially to get elected and will now indubitably push to redefine marriage if he wins a second term), etc.

It goes beyond all that, to a far more fundamental question: Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

And that question takes us to his birth, his purported life story and even his claims of authorship of two books.

Take, for instance, the furor that was unleashed last week against prospective Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when he made his latest visit to “The View” and called on Obama to release his birth certificate. As he pointed out, being a natural born citizen is a constitutional requirement for serving as president, and Obama still hasn’t let us see his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate. Contrary to what the liberal media would have us believe, the issue only “doesn’t matter” if our Constitution no longer does.

Whoopi Goldberg, one of the co-hosts of “The View,” nearly lost her mind when Trump raised the issue, and she suggested there was a nefarious racial motive behind the request. No surprise there – Obama’s supporters have used the race card incessantly to try to slander, smear, marginalize or intimidate any and all critics of this administration. The “first post-racial presidency” that we were promised has devolved, rather predictably, into the most racial presidency.

Herman Cain, another prospective Republican presidential candidate, addressed the issue of Obama’s still-unseen, long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate last week as well – so does that make him a racist, too? A tough case to make, since Cain is black.

Furthermore, so far over a dozen states are advancing legislation mandating that any candidate for president prove constitutional eligibility to get on future ballots, while polls show a big majority of Americans simply don’t believe Obama’s unsubstantiated claims about his birth and formative years.

Meanwhile, Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., is about to release his latest blockbuster, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” (subtitle: “The Case that Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President”), and advance sales suggest that it will be Corsi’s third New York Times No. 1 best-seller.

So the issue isn’t going away. Indeed, it may just be heating up.

Still, the questions about Obama go far beyond those of paternity, birth and citizenship. In his new book, “Deconstructing Obama,” the great investigative reporter and writer Jack Cashill documents conclusively that much of what we “know” of Obama’s early history is completely false. It’s been totally fabricated. Cashill also calls into question, through a detailed and compelling critical analysis, Obama’s authorship of the two books that put him on the political map.

But even that is not nearly all. That doesn’t even cover all of the questions surrounding his missing records from college, including his graduate thesis, from his time working as an attorney, from his medical file, and so much more that remains shrouded in mystery.

One thing we do know is that the president’s name is Barack Hussein Obama, although we’re told that we’re racist or xenophobic or something terribly awful if we ever even mention his middle name.

All right, then let’s start calling him Barack Who’s-he? Obama.

Maybe then we’ll get some answers.


Tom Flannery writes for a newspaper in Pennsylvania. His opinion pieces have appeared in publications such as Newsday, the Los Angeles Times, MovieGuide and Christian Networks Journal. He has won the two $10,000 awards for opinion writing, the Eric Breindel Award for Outstanding Opinion Journalism from News Corp/The New York Post in 2000 and the first-place prize in the Amy Foundation Writing Awards in 2008. He has won eight Amy Awards in all, as well as a Keystone Award from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association for his work. He is author of the book “1939: The Year in Movies,” and an essay he wrote on Hollywood was included in the book “The Culture-Wise Family” by Dr. Ted Baehr and Pat Boone.

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