JERUSALEM – The target of a mysterious airstrike in Sudan was the Hamas terrorist organization’s weapons smuggling infrastructure, according to Middle East security sources with detailed knowledge of the attack.

According to the sources, an Iranian officer was killed in the strike Tuesday, which highlights the involvement of Iran in attempting to supply Hamas with weapons.

The attack targeted a Hamas arms dealer, Latif Al-Shaq.

Top sources inside Hamas tell WND that Al-Shaq was not killed in the attack.

Mideast security sources, meanwhile, say they have information that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard units were part of the weapons inspection and transfer team attempting to move the weapons from Sudan to Gaza.

Yesterday, an unidentified plane flew in from the Red Sea and fired a missile at a car traveling from the Sudanese airport to the city of Port Sudan.

A Sudanese police spokesman confirmed the attack and said a team had been sent to investigate.

The Sudanese government, which maintains close ties to Hamas, claimed the convoy that was bombed had been transporting illegal immigrants to Egypt.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Ahmad Karti accused Israel today of carrying out the airstrike, which was said to have killed two people.

The Israeli government has remained silent on the attack, but the country’s leading daily newspapers ran screaming headlines crediting the Israel Air Force with the strike.

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