Could this be a case of “Dreams from My President” or is he just deep in thought?

ABC News video of Joe Biden attending President Obama’s speech today at George Washington University appears to show the vice president sleeping for some 30 seconds.

Toward the end of the clip, Biden finally opens his eyes briefly in squinting fashion, and then shuts them again.

After viewing the video, one WND reader wrote, “The black woman behind Joe Biden was dozing also. And the one directly behind him appeared to be also. Can’t it just be assumed that the speech was, across the board, boring?”

Another reader, Paul Wade, said: “Biden just had his eyes closed so he could concentrate on Master Obama’s speech better. (Well, he was opening and closing his mouth, wasn’t he?) And didn’t you notice him open them when he misunderstood something he heard Obama say? He darn near got away with it.”

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