The people are the strength of every city, state and every nation. Whenever the people lose their will to fight and refuse to stand for truth, the ruling class always moves into that vacuum.

History has taught us one thing, and that is that the only thing we have learned from history is that we don’t learn from history. The Babylonian empire failed, the Persian Empire failed, the Greek Empire failed, and the Roman Empire was dispersed when the people failed to remember what made them great. The common denominator for the failure of all these world powers was the breakdown of the family. We, the United States of America, are the last world power to date, and the same will happen to us if we do not protect the family. How does the family fail? It is the breakdown of marriage.

I know what the Bible says will happen in prophecy, and it will be fulfilled, but there is nothing in Scripture that says it has to happen on our watch. The only way to stop it from happening on our watch is for the multitudes of believers to come together and demand right thinking from the church.

I am not asking the secular world to join our cause because it is contrary to them and beyond their understanding, as the Scripture reminds us. The problem is with the children of God, who fracture and divide ourselves even over the issues on which we should be in agreement. We need to drop the selfish focus on who gets the credit, who is the leader, or who will benefit the most. We are simply vessels of the most-high God, and we all need to remember that biblical truth. I have never given praise to my straw for how good my milkshake tastes. The straw is just the way to get the shake from the cup to my mouth. We are all straws that are simply conduits to get the power of God released on a needy society.

When we, as God’s people, refuse to stand and demand that which is right, then things like what happened in California will continue to occur. The former Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker said that he never thought about rescuing himself from deciding the constitutionality of Proposition 8 because of his sexual orientation. This case should be kicked out of the court system and his ruling deemed a conflict of interest. If we do not stand up and demand his ruling be vacated, it will stand and be sent to the higher court.

It is the same with President Obama and Eric Holder, who have deemed the federal law known as the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional. If we do not stand up and demand that federal law be defended, it will be repealed.

Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act may be repealed one day, but again, it does not have to happen on our watch. Our “watch” is today – your lifetime. What are you doing to preserve God’s law, God’s commands and the ethics that will please Him?

When God wants to do something, He doesn’t call on a committee, He calls on a person.

As you are reading this, are you thinking that you are the man or the woman who feels you can be used by God to preserve marriage? Because if not you, then who? If not you, then I guess that leaves me, and I am willing to be that person.

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