Two-time GOP presidential candidate and longtime political analyst Pat Buchanan says Barack Obama should just show his birth certificate to put an end to questions over his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office.

His comments came in an interview on MSNBC, where he serves as a political analyst:

Buchanan said he agrees with Mitt Romney in that he believes Obama was born in Hawaii, and the newspapers probably were accurate in reporting his birth there in 1961.

However, he said, “I do agree with Donald Trump when he said, ‘Why is Barack Obama toying with the American people? Why doesn’t he just produce this and end this controversy.'”

Said Buchanan, a founder and editor of The American Conservative and columnist for WND, “I think it shows a real arrogance of power.”

He also challenged the White House press corps to simply demand the answers, to which Bill Press, another WND columnist, responded that Obama’s eligibility “is a total non-issue.”

Press also claimed that “in 2007 the president produced his birth certificate. They put it online. … End of story.”

However, what was posted online by the Obama campaign was a computer-generated image of a “Certification of Live Birth,” a short-form document any Hawaii resident could have obtained at the time simply by declaring the birth had taken place in the state.

Press ridiculed the entire idea that Obama might not have been born in Hawaii.

“Do you really think some woman in Kenya gave birth [and decided] to plant a story somewhere … and put two notices in newspapers because someday this little kid an hour old is going to run for the president of the USA?”

The notices, however, were issued by the Hawaii Department of Health, based on its registry of births, and not checked by the newspapers.

A YouTube forum participant responded to Press’ insistance that the only alternative explanation for the newspapers notices was an implausible conspiracy.

“Nobody in the world has ever wanted their children to be considered American?” the participant wrote. “Except the ones who want their kid to be president? LOL. Anchor babies anybody?”

When Buchanan was asked by MSNBC why he was “wasting” time talking about the issue, he responded, “I’m wasting my time because you invited me here to talk about the birther issue.”

Also cited was the fact that almost three of four GOP members in Iowa either don’t believe Obama’s birth narrative or doubt it. Another contributor noted billionaire Donald Trump repeatedly has discussed the issue and “went from being a clown to being No. 2 or No. 1 on the polls.”

Buchanan said he believes Obama was born in Hawaii, “but I believe we ought to see the birth certificate.”

Other comments on the YouTube forum page:

  • If this is a nonissue then why doesn’t Obama just produce the thing. I think even nonbirthers are starting to get annoyed at Obama’s blatant arrogance of power by refusing to submit it while posting a COLB and calling it a birth certificate.

  • His father is not American. Case closed.
  • The reason this is important is because if Barry is a fraud then we have a constitutional crisis on our hands and the government is illegitimate.
  • This guy (Bill Press) giggles when the only real reporter in the room challenges this issue. Press corps is bankrupt but for WND’s Les Kinsolving.

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