Jimmy Labriola, Jackson, Breitbart, April 15, 2011, Jacksonville, Fla. tea party

When I first met Andrew in L.A., he told me that history would look back on me and smile, that I would be one of the influences that changed the landscape of Hollywood from 100 percent liberal to at least 50-50 … something to that effect. I puffed up with pride and pictured myself winning my third Oscar, shrugging my shoulders, thanking God and hearing whispers from the front row, “She’s the reason I switched to conservative!” “Me, too!” “I just love President Palin!” “I just got born again!” At the Vanity Fair party, Sean Penn sidles up to me and purrs into my ear, “Conservative women are so much sexier,” and then Susan Sarandon says, “I always knew you were smart!”

Well, I’m pretty much banned from Hollywood right now, so I don’t know exactly when that dream will come true, but …

Andrew was a liberal and he switched. That’s why his story is interesting to me.


A tea partier and me, Jacksonville, Fla., tea party, April 15, 2011

It was funny that I ran into Andrew this week at the First Coast Tea Party in Jacksonville, Fla., because it was his book release day, and I was there the day Andrew thought of the title to his book! It was July 2, 2010. I looked very fat that day. It was Troopathon. I was doing handstands, tap dancing and making a fool of myself in an attempt to raise money for the soldiers, our heroes. Andrew was on his Blackberry as usual, clicking, reading, thinking and texting … saving the world.

Troopathon, L.A., 2010, Diana Nagy, Mark Williams, Breitbart, me, Melanie Morgan

On the way to my second tea-party speech, in ’09, I asked Breitbart if it was philosophically correct if I called the president a communist. “People admit he’s a Marxist, and Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, so what’s the difference?” After a long pause, Andrew said, “Victoria, say whatever you want to say.” I took that as permission, so I started publicly discussing the state of our union in this simplest way I could, explaining our sudden government takeover and dying middle class. We smelled a new scent in the air – fear – a realization that our freedoms were disappearing and none of us knew how to explain it, let alone stop it.

Searchlight, Nev., 2009, Breitbart, me, Joe the Plumber

Breitbart was at the Pasadena Patriot’s rally where I watched him silence a belligerent, drunk, liberal heckler. He was at Pat Boone’s Beverly Hills tea party where I almost fainted from the freakishly hot 108-degree weather. Andrew published my first Internet article on Big Hollywood and thus began my political writing career.

Beverly Hills Tea Party, 2010, me, Alfonzo Rachel, Breitbart, friend

So, back to Troopathon: Andrew suddenly asked if I’d be his sidekick on the radio the next morning at 6 a.m. when he filled in for Dennis Miller. I quickly said yes! What an adventure! My house was far away in Acton, so Andrew called his wife, asked her permission and then invited me to stay at his home in the tony Bel Air area.

Andrew continued, “I thought of the title to my book today! I was eating pulled pork and it came to me, ‘Righteous IndigNation’! You know, with the Right and the Nation in bold. …” “That’s great!” I said, tingling with importance – I was one of the first people to know this.

At his gorgeous modern home, I was greeted by a relaxed, hip, brunette model-beautiful wife with no fat and his adorable kids who were holding a hamster named Vanilla. His backyard is the National Cemetery, where rows of little white tombstones line up at attention. Andrew said that every day he wakes up, looks out at the tombs and thanks the brave men who died for his freedom.

I said, “Andrew, did you tell your wife your book title!” “Oh” he said, “I thought of my title today.” She looked up expectantly. He said, “‘Righteous IndigNation’ with the Right and the …” I could see her face affirm it, you know, in that way happily, longtime married people affirm things without words? I felt like a voyeur in this private place at this historical moment. I mean, Breitbart will be mentioned in the history of America. Andrew is making conservative cool.

I moved to Miami and took my mom to a Marco Rubio rally right before his Senate election. It was mostly in Spanish. I hadn’t been asked to sing my “Commie” uke song (that I’d sung at rallies across the nation), and this was my hometown! Discouraged with political activism and ready to quit, I showed my mom Psalm 26, which the day before had encouraged me to stay the course. Right before I started to read it aloud, my cell rang and it was Breitbart. He knows my number?! My mom looked at me impatiently. I mouthed, “He’s big.”

Andrew began, “You’re vindicated!” I said, “What?!” I thought fast. Did I do something wrong? Break a law? Kill someone? Andrew continued, “You’re vindicated, Victoria! There’s a new book out called ‘Radical in Chief’ by Stanley Kurtz. It’s not a talk-show book. It’s a real book. It details all of Obama’s radical communistic past! You’re vindicated!” As he continued talking excitedly about his new Pigford Scandal unraveling, I thought about what a kind person this was, to remember our conversation a year ago. When we hung up, I tried to explain to my mom who this famous person was. Then I picked up the Bible to read her the verse I had started 20 minutes before, Psalm 26:1, “Vindicate me, Oh Lord. …” My mouth dropped open! Vindicate?!

After the Jacksonville tea party, Andrew, Labriola and I hung out in the lobby until past midnight. We talked about how Glenn Beck had “thrown Breitbart under the bus” when he incorrectly announced that Andrew had edited/manipulated/altered/doctored the Shirley Sherrod videotape in an attempt to make it say what he wanted it to. This was a lie. Andrew released the Sherrod tape in exactly the form it was given to him by a citizen journalist. Ever since journalism died in 2008, citizen journalists have taken up the task of truth finding, and Andrew receives hundreds of tapes. When Giles and O’Keefe made their ACORN video, why didn’t they take it to NBC? It would never have been shown.

Breitbart left Jacksonville at 4 am to catch two planes to get to Wisconsin for the Sarah Palin tea party. With no sleep he delivered this speech where he reminded the union protesters and the progressives at large, “Class warfare is not American.”

Thank you, Andrew, for saying so well what we are thinking and for exposing the corruption in our media, wars, entertainment, education and government.

Andrew says 50 percent of liberals are default cultural liberals, conservatives who don’t know it … yet! 
I can’t wait to read his book!

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