You may have thought Barack Obama ended the eligibility debate, and certainly the birth certificate debate, with his release of what purports to be his long-awaited, long-form document.

But it’s not over – not by a long shot.

Beginning today in WND – and extending throughout the week – we will be presenting what I believe is compelling new evidence that Obama is not only ineligible to be president, but that the document released by the White House is fraudulent.

I know these are strong words, and I use them advisedly.

I did not set out nearly three years ago persuaded that Barack Obama was ineligible. I assumed the Democratic Party would not knowingly nominate a candidate who was constitutionally unfit. For a long time, I just suspected he was hiding something by refusing to release his birth certificate.

But as we learned in Watergate, sometimes the cover-up is worse than the crime itself. I now believe Obama and other government officials in Washington and Hawaii have been engaged in just such a cover-up – one that could make Watergate pale by comparison.

Today WND presents what I believe is the most compelling case I have seen that the birth certificate released by the president himself was created by a person or persons who also created at least one other intentionally fraudulent birth certificate.

Why would the right-hand margin of Obama’s official Hawaii birth certificate include the very same tell-tale scribblings found in a clearly fraudulent document posted on the Internet about a year ago – a document that alleged he was born in Kenya?

Can anyone explain that anomaly to me? I’m really eager to hear some viable explanation other than the two documents were created by the same forger.

Think about this. A year ago, what purported to be a Hawaiian birth certificate showing Obama to be born in Kenya was posted on the Internet. I remember looking at it and concluding rather quickly it was just another forgery. The giveaway was how the signatory, Madelyn Dunham, Obama’s grandmother, misspelled her own name. That didn’t seem likely at all. Personally, I forgot all about it. It was just one of many fake birth certificates that came across the transom at WND.

But then Obama released his “real” birth certificate. And it shared some distinct characteristics with this obvious fraud.

I invite you to examine the two documents and draw your own conclusions.

The marking on the White House document, with the green backing on the left, appears to be a “2” just below the word “Plantation.” That same marking appears in just about the same location on the “forgery” on the right.

Similarly, on the “forgery,” there is a mark that the birth was reported by “Other,” meaning not a parent (second image from top). On the White House document is a series of scribblings that appear to be centered on a reference to an “M.D.” reporting the birth. But they also would cover any X’s that might be in the Other category. And for the race of the father (third image from top), there appears an undetermined marking on the “forgery” where there is a “9” on the White House document, as well as a fuzzy remnant on the White House document where the “forgery” alleged the father’s race was “Negro-African.”  

The images also reveal that the much-discussed X’s that are above the boxes to mark a “Twin” or “Triplet” birth on the White House image also are in evidence on the “forgery.”

How could Obama’s “real” birth certificate share these unique characteristics with an obvious forgery?

For the life of me, I can’t figure out an answer other than they were created by the same person or persons. At the very least, whoever created the Kenya forgery actually had access to the document released by the White House.

How could that be – unless they were cooked up together.

That shocking idea is being validated by a private detective in Hawaii who says he was told by a source in the state health department that employees in that office cooked up a total of three – one saying the birth took place in Kenya, another saying it took place at the Queens Medical Center and a third saying it took place at Kapiolani (like the one Obama showed the world recently).

There’s a lot more to the story today in WND – and it’s just the beginning. There are many other anomalies being found in Obama’s reputed long-form birth certificate. There are new facts being uncovered about Obama’s birth and his life, his parentage that would seemingly render moot the question of where he was born.

In other words, I have moved from believing Obama has something to hide to believing what he has to hide is the fact that he is just plain constitutionally ineligible to be president.

And stay tuned. There’s much more coming – including the release of the book that forced Obama’s hand, Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President.”

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