Pakistan’s duplicity

By Chrissy Satterfield

Ever since Osama’s death hit the news, Muslim extremists have hit the fan, vowing to wipe out the United States and our allies. They say they will not rest until we pay for our transgressions. “Their happiness will turn to sorrow, and their blood will be mixed with their tears.” Well, for the record, that already happened on 9/11, and we’ve been grieving our losses ever since.

I’m floored that these extremists in one breath call us the devil and in the next they’ll tell a child to walk into the street with a bomb strapped to his chest. They truly believe that killing their own people in order to kill Americans and their allies is really what their god wants. They are murdering their own children to convert and brainwash people. Yet, we’re the evil ones. I don’t see thousands of Americans blowing people up to convince others freedom is awesome!

How on earth are we to coexist with extremely crazy people who want nothing more than to destroy us? Not just destroy us, I feel like that’s too gentle of a phrase, but annihilate us because we don’t want to be Muslim. Because we believe women are equal to men; we believe all people should have the right to worship whatever they want as long as they don’t kill anyone in the process. I don’t understand how we can be the bigger man in this situation when our attackers won’t shut their mouths long enough to hear us out. The only thing on their mind is killing Americans. Their whole life revolves around hating us.

I don’t know about you, but I have way too many things to worry about. I don’t have time to hate someone my whole life! I have two jobs and friends and family I care about. I can’t go around blowing people up just because their god hates me. They need to get lives and quit worrying about what we’re doing. They’ll never succeed in converting us to their beliefs – so why waste everyone’s time?

Can I say for the record how angry I am at Pakistan? First of all, don’t think for a minute that they’re on our side. We’ve been paying them to help “fight terrorism,” aka “harbor terrorists,” and now they won’t let us speak to Osama’s widows. If extremists took out a powerful American leader, Pakistan would toss them the widow no questions asked. No one would hear from her again. We’re willing to give them back after we’re done questioning them, and Pakistan won’t even think about it.

Here’s the thing: We paid Pakistan to help us get rid of terrorism. But if terrorism doesn’t exist, neither does their paycheck. If we had found bin Laden eight years ago, we wouldn’t need them. The best way to keep the cash flow going is to harbor terrorists and then say you don’t know where they are. We’re not stupid, Pakistan. Well, actually we are because we kept paying you anyway.

Speaker Boehner had an interesting comment: “We need to look each other in the eye and decide, are we allies?” That is something Pakistan should think long and hard about before answering.

Everyone’s true colors are showing now that the head honcho is dead. Obviously someone will take his place. I never doubted that, but the anger they have toward us is just uncalled for. Osama planned an attack for no reason other than he hates our guts. We gave him fair warning, even a 10-year head start. We found him and we executed him. Why can’t we call it even and everyone walks away minding their own business?

My dose of honesty: We’re on to you, Pakistan. You may have harbored a terrorist successfully for 10 years this time, but next time you won’t be so lucky. As for the crazy Muslim extremists, you kill your own children if you think the Western culture has influenced them. Even here in the U.S. you attack and murder your own flesh and blood. You’re obsessed with how “evil” we are while you strap bombs to your chest and murder thousands of innocent people. If we’re the “great Satan,” what in the heck does that make you?