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Whom would you most like as personal Alaska tour guide?

Joe Miller

WASHINGTON – Joe Miller shocked the political world last August when, according to media accounts, he came out of nowhere to defeat incumbent U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Republican primary.

He then entered a contentious three-way general election where multi-billion dollar native corporations, along with the political establishment, conspired to defeat this tea party favorite.

During the race, Miller appeared on numerous national TV programs on Fox, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, BBC and other networks. He also regularly appeared on national radio programs. He was endorsed by Sarah Palin.

Despite the fraud-riddled outcome of the 2010 election, Miller remains an active political force, both at the state and national levels.

“This is the perfect local Alaska cruise guide for WND,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer. “We’re delighted Joe Miller will be a part of our excursion this summer.”

Miller is not exactly your average politician. A self-made man, he grew up in a working-class family in rural Kansas. He learned the work ethic of his farming ancestors.

While working almost full-time in high school in his father’s bookstore, he managed to graduate valedictorian and was nominated to attend several of the nation’s service academies. Miller graduated in the top 1 percent of West Point’s class of 1989 and chose to serve as a combat arms officer. Shortly thereafter, he and his M1A1 tank platoon were deployed for the first Gulf War where he saw combat and was awarded the Bronze Star.

After serving in active duty, Miller attended and graduated from Yale Law School. Fulfilling a childhood dream of living in the Last Frontier, Miller accepted a position at a prestigious law firm in Anchorage. Just three years later, at the age of 30, he was appointed as a state magistrate (the youngest then serving in Alaska) as well as a Superior Court Master for the Fourth Judicial District. Further honors followed four years later when Miller was appointed an acting state district court judge and, shortly thereafter, U.S. magistrate judge in Fairbanks. Again, he had the distinction of being the youngest then serving in that federal position, not only in the state, but also in the entire nation. He was also the only judge in the United States, at that time, serving at both the federal and state levels simultaneously.

In 2004, Miller stepped down from the bench to run for state representative. He overwhelmingly won the contested Republican primary and nearly pulled off an upset in the general election receiving over 48 percent of the vote against the Democratic incumbent in a traditionally Democratic district – the closest re-election campaign the officeholder has ever faced. Miller returned to the successful full time practice of law at his own firm.

In 2008, Miller fulfilled a long-time interest in economics by graduating from the University of Alaska with a master’s degree in economics. Miller lives in Fairbanks and is the chairman of both Western Representation PAC, a leading national tea party political action committee, and Alaska’s Restoring Liberty PAC.

Joe Miller is just one of the WND celebrities and WND friends joining this summer’s cruise to Alaska. Others include Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, co-founders of WND, Alan Keyes, Jerome Corsi, David Kupelian, Aaron Klein and Victoria Jackson.