Cain-Palin 2012

By Chrissy Satterfield

Donald Trump decided not to run for president. I have mourned and have moved on. Herman Cain is now my favorite. Why? Because he’s not a politician. He is a human being capable of understanding what people want and need. He understands that we have been pushed around for the past four years and cannot take it anymore. Cain has beaten cancer, and now he’ll take on America’s sickness, Obama – and I believe he’ll be two for two after the 2012 elections.

Cain said during an interview on Fox, “America is ready for an unconventional candidate. … Whenever people say I don’t have a chance because I’ve never held a public office – well, everybody in D.C. has held public office. How’s that working out for you?” Amazingly well said. It’s time America had a businessman running this country. If it’s not Trump, it might as well be Cain.

What I see in Cain is that he won’t let politics push him around. This is the same thing I saw in Trump. Neither of these men are willing to compromise their integrity or vision, which is exactly what I want in a president. Cain wants to be more than America’s president; he wants to be our leader. He wants to set an example and put America back on track.

The presidential ticket that’ll take it to Obama — new magnetic bumper sticker states: “I have a dream … Cain-West 2012”

Now, he’ll be going up against candidates like Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney (exploratory) and my girl, Sarah Palin (potential) – but if he can prove himself in the debates, I think he stands a real chance. My ideal ticket would be Cain/Palin; I won’t hold my breath, but my fingers are crossed! Not to put Palin in the back seat because she’s my favorite Republican, but I don’t think she’d be able to beat Obama, and that’s really what I want most out of a candidate.

Most of the Republican candidates are well-known, and that’s where Cain will really have to work. It’s a tough spot, because on one hand he’s a newbie, which is exciting for voters, but at the same time most people, once they’re in that booth, will go with someone they recognize.

One of Cain’s strong suits is that he’s tea-party approved. In fact, most of his support comes from them. That is huge! They have the resources to get his name out there and promote him. If ever there were a time to show the tea party’s power, it would be 2012. Cain’s down-to-earth rhetoric is easy to understand. He doesn’t fill time with meaningless words. He actually has something to say and wants nothing more than to be understood and heard.

My dose of honesty: It won’t be an easy campaign for Cain. He’s running against some heavyweights that have the experience in government and know how to play the game. But I hope America can see past all of that. Seasoned politicians are old news, and America is looking for real change. As much as I respect Romney and Gingrich, I have to go with my gut on this one, and it’s telling me Cain has what it takes to make America great again.