WASHINGTON – It was a billboard campaign that put the eligibility question on the front burner of American politics, says Joseph Farah.

And it’s a revised version of that campaign that will bring it back before the 2012 election, he says.

Two years ago, Farah launched the original outdoor advertising program that simply asked, “Where’s the birth certificate?”

It was more controversial than Farah ever imagined. Five major outdoor advertising companies banned it. The outdoor advertising trade association denounced it. Farah’s regular news media appearances evaporated.

Yet it captured the imagination of a nation skeptical about Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the presidency.

When the White House attempted to answer the question with the release of what it touted as Obama’s original long-form birth certificate, the campaign was suspended. But when that document posed more questions than it answered, in Farah’s words, he decided to revise and extend the campaign.

The new campaign adds a twist, “Where’s the real birth certificate?”

“There are so many questions about the document Barack Obama released,” explained Farah. “They run the gamut from layering found in what he claims is his long-form birth certificate to the fact that it doesn’t reflect an adoption by his stepfather that Obama himself asserts actually took place. We’re talking about dozens and dozens of problems with a document no one else in the media or the Washington political establishment dares to question. That’s why this campaign, going over the heads of the media, is so vitally necessary. It worked once before. It will work again.”

“Where’s the Birth Certificate” billboard near Kingman, Ariz.

That’s why Farah is asking for public support of the campaign – a full-blown national billboard campaign beginning now and running through the 2012 campaign if necessary.

“This is not over – not by a longshot,” says Farah. “We raised the visibility of this controversy from nowhere and we will do it again. Now we have a bestselling book that makes the case for ineligibility. We also have half the country questioning the veracity and integrity of the document the White House released. I promised this question would dog Obama through 2012, and it will.”

The new billboard borrows its design from the look of Jerome Corsi’s bestseller, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Ineligible To Be President,” published by WND Books.

Support the new “Where’s the real birth certificate?” billboard campaign now.

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