One has to reflect hard this Memorial Day. Our nation’s military has sacrificed bravely and mightily for us, and we cannot admire and respect the country’s finest enough. But, in recent years, our leaders have led our brave, fighting men and women into battle at great cost to life and limb.

This is largely because our nation continues to wage ill-defined and counterproductive wars in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq. The Middle East is on the verge of more than a “nervous breakdown” as the so-called “Arab spring” lurches it into radical Muslim rule. Israel, our staunchest ally to prevent disaster there, has been hung out to dry by our overtly pro-Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama. And the world’s economy remains in the tank. In short, we’re sinking into the abyss. If you think $5 a gallon gasoline is too high, wait until it hits astronomical prices when the Middle East eventually becomes totally unglued – a likelihood that will occur soon, in my opinion. The global economy could then collapse totally, and widespread panic and deprivation will be the order of the day. Forget about Congress’ lame attempt to fix the budget crisis; this will pale in comparison to what could lie ahead when the Middle East finally goes up in flames.

What makes matters worse is that to avert this catastrophe, we have no real political – or for that matter, spiritual – leaders to lead us into the promised land. The Moses, Pope John Paul IIs, John Adams, Abraham Lincolns, Ronald Reagans and other great spiritual and political leaders just don’t exist anymore. The world is adrift with no one in charge of the sinking boat. God Almighty knows what He is doing, but it’s hard for us mortals to understand. We have brought it on ourselves, and one can only wonder if our Lord and Savior has decided to “clean house” and start over – as He has done more than once throughout the history of mankind.

To make a last-ditch effort to avert this upcoming disaster, it will – as I have written many times in the past – take “We the People” to answer the call. Citizen soldiers, not “sunshine patriots,” will have to do hand-to-hand combat. While there is no Wizard of Oz capable of saving us, we do know the way back from Oz. It lies in ourselves, with God’s guiding hand. We must all, like Richard Cosby and the Polish resistance, rise up, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and save what God created for us. We must all be “quiet heroes.”

As a guide to how we can all play our small roles as part of an army of patriots, I urge you to read a new book, just out in paperback, written by my good friend, Rita Cosby, about her dad, Richard Cosby. You know Rita. She is a major star of television and radio and for many years was the “franchise” at Fox News. She covered my exploits at Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, but that is not what made her a great reporter and television personality. It’s what lies in Rita’s good heart and her patriotism: a love of the Lord, the nation, other people and as seen in her new book, “Quiet Hero: Secrets from My Father’s Past,” especially her father.

You see Rita’s dad, Richard Cosby, was a Polish resistance fighter during World War II. At great peril to himself and at great cost in terms of his physical and mental health, he – with other brave Poles – fought in the underground against the Nazis and their ongoing Holocaust. Richard Cosby is not Jewish, but he risked his life for Jews and others without hesitation. Severely injured in battle, he was captured, thrown into a notorious German POW camp called Stalag IV-B. Following months of captivity, weighing all but 90 lbs. on a six-foot frame, he helped lead an escape out of the camp with several of his comrades and was saved by American GIs.

But the physical stress and pain was only half of it. As occurs with many of our troops today (On average, 18 of them returning from the Middle East commit suicide each day.), Richard Cosby was left with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – the result of his “military experience.” He lived with this dreaded depression for many decades, and this mental anguish caused him to be estranged from his famous and talented daughter.

But recently, with much introspection and thought, the two heroes, Rita and her dad, have been reunited. Rita’s book is a loving testament to the special bond not only between a father and his daughter, but to the true meaning of life: love and commitment for one’s family, the Lord and country.

As a nation, we need more Richard Cosbys in these trying times. Rita’s dad knew that he could not defeat the Nazis on his own. He knew that it would take a collective effort. But he had the courage to stand up and stick his neck out – no matter what the personal consequences – all in the name of sacrifice for his country and the world.

If our nation is to be saved, we need to be like Richard Cosby. That is why I urge you to get this great book, read and savor it. It is a beautiful roadmap to not only the reunited love between a father and daughter, but the way our nation, with God’s blessings, can be saved with “quiet heroes” like Rita and her dad.

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