Kamal Saleem

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a three-part series about Kamal Saleem, a onetime terrorist who abandoned violence for Christianity.

He was trained in terror starting at age 7 at a PLO assault camp, learning to know and hate his enemies, was indoctrinated in radical Islam on his mother’s knee and studied with his father how to despise Christians and Jews.

He later dined with Moammar Gadhafi, his website says he served under Yasser Arafat and has Arab royalty in his family tree and he worked as a career mercenary, taking his terror activities worldwide. Ultimately, he was recruited by the Saudi royal family to infiltrate the United States with a campaign of radical Islam.

Read the full story, in “The Blood of Lambs: A Former Terrorist’s Memoir of Death and Redemption”

But Kamal Saleem now has renounced terrorism, adopted a home in America, found Christ and has spoken against terror and radical Islam at universities across the nation.

How could this change happen?

Actually, as he explains of his own life and its changes, it was a severe accident that broke his back and the love of a Jewish man, Jesus, that ultimately put him on the right course.

He’s told his story in the book, “The Blood of Lambs: A Former Terrorist’s Memoir of Death and Redemption,” as well as a DVD called “In the Red Chair,” where he describes how he used to use his power – all of it – to change the world for Islam.

In an interview with WND, Saleem said he was at the top of the Islamic world when he was recruited to infiltrate the United States by the Saudi royal family.

“When I say Saudis, here’s the thing, when a Saudi is a sheikh, that means a prince. Sheikh equals a prince. A prince usually has to be out of the royal blood. So, it means the royal family, and many of these sheikhs are investing directly in jihad,” he said.

“Many of the Saudi sheikhs are Wahhabis. What is the Wahhabi? American people need to understand that Wahhabi and Sufi, these are two kinds of flavors, just like we have ’31 Flavors,’ but these two flavors call for governing under Shariah law,” he said.

“Their belief is that the only way Islam can be anywhere is to rule, and not to be equal to any other governing system,” Saleem said.

That is, he said, what he was dispatched to spread.

After he spent some time in Europe, he said, the Saudis sent him to the United States to spread the ideology of radical Islam. His first assignment was to begin working in America’s jails.

“In the jail system is where the Nation of Islam is really very strong. This is where we thrived on the black African people. They were falling by the hundreds of thousands right there in jail,” Saleem recalled.

“They thought we were going to offer them something different. We told them we were coming to free them from slavery, out of this culture’s slavery. We didn’t tell them that by default, Islam doesn’t mean submission, it means slavery itself,” Saleem said.

He said he also was instructed to work the college campuses using the
Muslim Brotherhood-established Muslim Student Association as a way to convert America’s college students.

He admits using the mechanics of the U. S. system of freedom to proclaim a philosophy of Islam that seeks to destroy those very freedoms.

“In Islam liberty, pursuit of happiness and freedom of our thoughts are considered false gods,” Saleem said.

Saleem’s statements are in line with the assessment of British Sheikh Anjem Choudary, who told WND that real Muslims reject democracy.

“These are things that are anathema to Muslims, like democracy and freedom, which we completely reject. They have no foundation in the divine text,” Choudary said.

Saleem goes on to explain that freedoms don’t follow becoming a Muslim.

“What happened is that in order to become Muslim you had to become a slave to the rules and regulations of Shariah law because it tells you how to eat, how to sleep, how to drink, how to go to the bathroom, how to get married. Everything is told to you and that’s by political Islam itself,” Saleem said.

“Anyone who became a Muslim was no longer able to free and to have his own identity. They had to go all the way back to the Seventh Century and become part of that culture,” Saleem said.

“You cannot be part of the 21st Century, you have to go back to the Seventh Century and simulating Muhammad and be like Muhammad and be like the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam,” Saleem said.

Saleem’s analysis is upheld by terrorism and Islam scholar Bill Warner who says that Muslims are to follow the way of the Prophet Muhammad, the Sunnah. Speaking about the way of the prophet, Warner says Muslims are to emulate Muhammad in every way.

“It may be shocking to some people, but to those who are familiar with Muhammad, ‘Yes, that is Sunna, the perfect example of Muhammad,'” Warner said.

Saleem also says that no one would take up the cause of Islamic terror unless they were conditioned to believe the doctrines.

“Before anything starts, a person has to believe the ideology of hate, anger and deception. It’s for a cause and that cause has a price. The price is either financial or of heaven,” Saleem said.

“That was to obtain paradise with Allah and adopting all of the promises every Muslim is promised if they die as a martyr. So therefore, I would set out wholeheartedly with the love for Allah, with is the love of Islam itself, to advance the Islamization of the world,” Saleem said.

“I was even working to bring down the enemies of Allah, those who were working against him,” Saleem added. “It has to have a trust, and it has to have an authority and it has to have a heart.”

Saleem described the process in forming the mind of someone who is willing to do anything for the cause of Islam. One of the details he says most
Westerners overlook is that the indoctrination begins at a very early age.

“He has to be willing to give some of his blood. As he is taught from his childhood by his family, and from his family he is indoctrinated by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the most radical organization on earth as we know it,” Saleem said.

“The Muslim Brotherhood indoctrination works our purpose and how we will infiltrate in the future. Then you are unlike any other student that goes to school to learn the ABCs,” Saleem said.

“Our ABCs were different. It’s to bring the world into submission of Allah, to Islam and to fulfill the Great Commission of Islam. The Great Commission of Islam is different than any other commission,” Saleem said.

Saleem explained that the Muslim objectives are more geopolitical than spiritual.

“Our commission was to subdue the world and to bring the whole world under submission of Shariah law, which is the Islamic Constitution,” Saleem said.

“Over 64 percent of Shariah law is dedicated to bringing non-Muslims under subjugation to Islam.

He says that Islam has a driving motivation that distinguishes it from most of the world’s religions and political systems.

“I was growing up with radical Islam. As you become more radical you want more. Hate brings more hate and evil brings more evil. Murder brings more murder and that spirit wants more because it’s never fulfilled,” Saleem described.

“We were following in the footsteps of the prophet Muhammad doing exactly as he did. So therefore, we were not indoctrinated just with hate, we were on a mission that no matter what it takes, we have to do it for the glory and the sake of Allah,” Saleem said.

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