Kamal Saleem

Editor’s Note: This is the last of a three-part series about Kamal Saleem, a onetime terrorist who abandoned violence for Christianity.

“Islam is like a cancer. It grows and expands until it eventually consumes and suffocates the host.”

Those are the words of warning from Kamal Saleem, the former terrorist who left Islam and converted to Christianity.

Saleem was raised by his parents to be an angry, West-hating terrorist and he eventually came to the U. S. to work for the destruction of the country.

Saleem says his knowledge of the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission and methods compels him to warn Americans about what is happening under the radar in their own country.

Read the full story, in “The Blood of Lambs: A Former Terrorist’s Memoir of Death and Redemption”

“The Muslim Brotherhood is here specifically to destroy the house of the United States of America and bring about the Islamic House and that’s done by the Muslim’s hand,” Saleem explained.

“And it’s not the just the Muslims who came to the United States for this purpose, but also those they recruited in the United States as Americans and have turned them against this country,” Saleem continued.

He’s told his story in the book, “The Blood of Lambs: A Former Terrorist’s Memoir of Death and Redemption,” as well as a DVD called “In the Red Chair,” where he describes how he used to use his power – all of it – to change the world for Islam.

Saleem says one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s own documents, posted at The Investigative Project on Terrorism website shows the Brotherhood’s intentions.

There, the process is explained:

Settlement: “That Islam and its Movement become a part of the homeland it lives in”.

Establishment: “That Islam turns into firmly rooted organizations on whose bases civilization, structure and testimony are built”.

Stability: “That Islam is stable in the land on which its people move”.

Enablement: “That Islam is enabled within the souls, minds and the lives of the people of the country in which it moves”.

Rooting: “That Islam is resident and not a passing thing, or rooted ‘entrenched’ in the soil of the spot where it moves and not a strange plant to it’>

It also outlines plans for North America:

“The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

The process includes building mosques and Islamic centers, building Islamic organizations, building Islamic schools, then the “overt Islamic Movement” and coordinating all Islamic “movements.”

“The level they were talking about went all the way to the White House, to the Senate, to the House of Representatives, to lobbying, to the banking, to the security services,” Saleem said.

Saleem adds by now Islam even has reached the sanctuaries of Christian churches and campuses of Christian colleges.

“Even in Christian schools today, you find Islamic history professors whose papers are done on the glory of Allah and Islam and Muhammad, right there on Christian universities,” Saleem said.

“These guys are the first allies and the best allies to Islam. So, when someone speaks of Islam, they try to destroy the person’s character instantly because they (the professor) have become a war machine,” Saleem said.

To understand the tactic in the colleges, Saleem refers back to the Muslim Brotherhood memorandum.

Listen to Saleem:

“The only way we can succeed is to dwell on the strengths of the leaders of this country, like the professors and the politicians,” Saleem explained.

“So, the Muslims run to these leaders and act like weak vessels, like, ‘We’ve been attacked; we’re nobody and nobody’s been defending us. We need a hero,'” Saleem detailed.

“So, ‘our man’ (the U. S. politician defending Islam) rises up to protect them (the Muslims). Now they become advocates for Islam. You see some churches today, they’ve become Chrislam, Christian and Muslim. They have the Bible and the Quran in every pew,” Saleem said.

“And you go, ‘how is that possible?’ Islam cannot be equal. It’s a deception and it’s moving forcefully,” Saleem explained.

Center for the Study of Political Islam President Bill Warner agrees and says that higher education is the target of a well-financed influence campaign.

“I spent eight years at a university as a professor. I’m here to tell you that not only can you rent a professor; you can buy a professor. Not only can you buy a professor, you can buy an entire department. This corruption has been noted in medical schools with drug companies,” Warner said.

Warner uses the Saudis as an example.

“What has happened is that the Saudis, our best friends, have given large sums of money to set up centers to study Islam at universities,” Warner explained.

“So, if you come into a university, give them $20 million to set up some chair for a Middle East Department, then you fund things and you build a building, money will buy influence,” Warner stated.

“Here we have education departments, at like Georgetown or Harvard, the two biggest examples, which now function as mouthpieces for the Muslim Brotherhood. By that I mean the decrees they make or the papers they write, cannot be distinguished from an apologist for Islam,” Warner asserted.

Here’s Warner:

He cited Georgetown University, which recently established a unit of the Walsh School of Foreign Service in Qatar and a National Resource Center on the Middle East.

Warner also listed Harvard, whose Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs sponsors the Dubai Initiative and the Dubai School of Government

Neither university has responded to WND requests for comment.

Warner also says jihad comes in three different forms.

“There are many ways to practice jihad. Everyone when they think of jihad thinks of jihad by the sword, as on 9/11. But there are other ways,” Warner explained.

“The Quran is very clear on this as are the Hadiths. You can practice jihad by the use of speech, writing and money. As a matter of fact, Muhammad in his dying words mentioned the use of money in jihad,” Warner continued.

“His dying words were neither Jew nor Christian should remain in Arabia and keep giving the money to influence the kafir (the unbeliever), the non-Muslim ambassadors,” Warner said.

“So the use of money is a well traveled path,” Warner added.

Saleem adds that there are dynamics at work that bring Muslims to coordinate with people that in the Muslim world they would persecute. He says homosexuals are an example.

“They’ve even aligned themselves with the gays. The gay movement is protecting the Muslims. They don’t know that in Islam, the gay people are beheaded. That’s their cure for homosexuality,” Saleem continued.

“But it’s the doctrine. Befriend your enemy until you enslave them. Me and my enemy against my enemy,” Saleem added.

Saleem says one of the most insidious ways jihad and Shariah law is infiltrating the U. S. is through the courts. He cites the recent Florida case in which a judge ordered Shariah law be used to settle a mosque leadership dispute.

“What they’re trying to do is fake cases for Islam and these cases are done purposefully. We take an imam, there are two of them. They were fighting against each other and the fight was over a mosque,” Saleem explained.

“That is so devious and it is part of the culture of Islamic invasion. These two imams are fighting over a mosque in Florida. Each imam says it belongs to me,” Saleem said,

“One says I built it and I raised the funds. The other one says the Wahhabi government put me over here and they’re the ones who sent the money. Both of them are right,” Saleem continued.

“They went to the Supreme Court in Florida. What happened is that they said this was a Muslim matter and you need to judge us by Islamic Shariah law or you will not understand how these things work,” Saleem added.

“Both of them are demanding to be judged by Shariah so now the Supreme Court is learning how Shariah works. So, in turn, they have instilled and indwelt Islamic laws with our laws,” Saleem said.

Saleem says at that point a judicial precedent has been established and other Muslims can officially ask for their cases be decided by Shariah law.

In a Pennsylvania case, a judge used Shariah law to settle a dispute over a will. As a result, the two brothers were awarded twice as much of the inheritance as the two sisters.

Saleem says that the effort to install Shariah law into the United States should be treated like “any other act of terrorism because they are terrorizing this country.”

Saleem says what’s happening should be prayed against.

“That’s what we need to speak against and pray against because it is the essence of evil.” Saleem declared.

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