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Whenever America gets into trouble, it is the ordinary people who come to the rescue. It’s not the government. It’s not the Hollywood stars who think their opinion is required to make the sun rise. It’s not even the matriculated messiah in the White House. It is the ordinary, hardworking people who see their country in trouble and organize themselves into ferocious freedom fighters against whom the gates of hell cannot prevail.

The current version of this uniquely American response to danger has been labeled the tea party.

On one side of the battlefield are the progressives, who embrace the socialist/communist philosophy of Karl Marx. On the other side is everyone else, most of whom just want government to leave them alone, get out of the way and to stop stealing their money through ever-increasing taxes and fees.

Progressives believe that government power must be invoked to manage and control all the people. Freedom fighters believe that government must be limited in its power to accomplish only those tasks the people direct it to accomplish. Specifically, freedom fighters want first and foremost their government to protect their God-given, Constitution-guaranteed, unalienable rights. They want their government to protect them from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. And they want their government to enforce the laws the people make through their elected representatives.

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Progressives, on the other hand, want first and foremost government to guarantee that all people experience “social justice,” which translates to equal benefit from the earth’s resources. Progressives believe that government power must take wealth from people who accumulate more than they need and redistribute it to other people who need it.

Freedom fighters believe that the earth’s resources are a gift from the Creator to be used by all creatures, including man, to achieve the highest plane of earthly happiness possible. Progressives believe that the earth’s resources are finite and are exploited only by man, whose use of the earth’s resources must be limited and controlled by government.

In growing numbers, freedom fighters are recognizing that over the last several decades, the progressives have taken charge of governments in the United States, at the local, state and the national levels. Consequently, freedom fighters are organizing themselves into battalions of brothers who are bonded by their belief in the principles of freedom enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Without any top-down chain of command, the tea party across the nation appears to be following a higher inspiration, focusing on two primary objectives in an unspoken but coordinated strategy: 1) reclaim local government; and 2) fumigate Washington.

At the local level, tea-party activists are showing up at city council and county commission meetings and asking tough questions. Jim Harbison, representing a group of freedom fighters in Las Cruces, N.M., startled his local elected officials by proving that they were, indeed, implementing Agenda 21 policies. Jim McGovern and Rita Holt have formed a coalition of Florida tea partiers called “Agenders.” This group is presenting a conference on June 11 in Lakeland to teach local freedom fighters and elected officials about the dangers of Agenda 21.

Similar conferences are being planned around the country by freedom fighters eager to learn how to reclaim their local governments and how to fumigate Washington.

At the local level, Agenda 21 leads elected officials into believing that a professional planning staff, aided by high-priced consultants, knows best how to manage local communities. Freedom fighters must convince local elected officials that their job is not to rubber-stamp the wishes of their professional staff, but to do what the local voters want done – primarily, to protect private property rights and promote economic opportunity.

At the national level, progressive philosophy demands that governing be done by unelected administrators and bureaucrats. Elected officials are seen as obstacles to be overcome who remain in place from an obsolete system. An example of this philosophy is the EPA’s insistence on regulating carbon emissions even after Congress has refused to authorize it. Freedom fighters must build enough strength through their tea-party networks and other organizations to identify, support and elect representatives who have the backbone to reject the appointment of Marxist czars and progressive judges and department heads.

The tea party is gathering the strength necessary to reclaim local governments and fumigate Washington. Progressives are beside themselves, mystified by the popularity and growing power of what they regard as the dregs of society. Progressives have no intellectual defense against the principles of freedom. Their typical response is to vilify, denigrate and demean the character of anyone who dares challenge their “enlightened” wisdom.

The staggering number of progressives in the media and throughout the community is a tribute to their effectiveness in public schools and universities over the years. While today’s freedom fighters were earning a living in what they once knew to be a free society, the progressives were taking tax dollars to fund education policies and non-government organizations that worked to transform the free society into a Marxist society managed by government.

Message from tea partiers to progressives: “Get the hell out of the way or get squashed; you will not steal our freedom!”

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