Barack Obama Sr.

NEW YORK – The recently released immigration file for Barack Obama Sr. indicates the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service had doubts he and Obama’s mother were married.

While Ann Dunham may have sought Obama Sr. as her husband and the father of her child, the record suggests the two never lived together as a married couple.

As WND reported, there’s no record of Ann Dunham’s whereabouts during the last six months of her pregnancy.

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Moreover, within weeks of the baby’s birth, Dunham left Honolulu with her infant son and traveled to Seattle, where she enrolled in night courses at the University of Washington. She did not return to Honolulu until after Barack Obama Sr. left Hawaii in September 1962 to attend graduate courses at Harvard.

The INS file shows that Barack Obama Sr. was not faithful to Dunham, even when the two were in Hawaii at the same time.

Instead, the documentation supports the conclusion that Obama Sr. and Dunham took part in a sham marriage that the Kenyan student thought might help him extend his visa and remain in the United States to continue his education.

Economic necessity and his desire to complete his studies as soon as possible forced Obama Sr. to remain in Honolulu during the summer months, both to take summer classes and to work part-time.

Visa expired month Obama Jr. born

The INS file documents that Barack Obama Sr. arrived in the U.S. in New York on a BOAC flight Aug. 3, 1959.

Arrival-Departure card, with record of visa extensions, listing Barack Obama Sr.’s birthdate as June 18, 1934

The arrival-departure record also documents that one of Obama Sr.’s visa extensions expired Aug. 8, 1961, four days after Barack Obama Jr. was born.

This is further documented in an Immigration and Naturalization form filled out by Barack Obama Sr. in Honolulu Aug. 31, 1961, when Barack Obama Jr. was less that one-month old.

Interestingly, on this INS form filled out in the month Barack Obama Jr. was born, Obama Sr. incorrectly lists his wife’s name as “Ann S. Dunham” instead of “Stanley Ann Dunham,” and he neglects to mention that he had any children.

Obama Sr. also listed his address at 1482 Alencastre St. in Honolulu, a bachelor apartment he never shared with his wife or child.

The form notes Obama Sr. had his temporary stay in the U.S. extended for one year, until Aug. 8, 1962, and was granted permission to work up to 25 hours a week until his visa expired.

A memo to the file written by William Wood, apparently an INS official, indicates that Obama Sr. and Dunham were not living together. The memo, as seen below, lists Obama Sr.’s address as 1482 Alencastre while noting that his spouse was living with their child at the home of her parents.

In an application for a visa extension, Obama Sr. filled out an INS extension form on Aug. 17, 1962, listing his address at the time as the Koinonia Foundation in Baltimore, as seen below:

On the 1962 INS form requesting an extension of his visa, Obama Sr., evidently on his way to Harvard, did not list Dunham as his wife or Barack Obama Jr. as his son.

On an June 6, 1963, application from Cambridge, Mass., to extend his stay until Aug. 9, 1964, Obama Sr. again made no mention of Dunham or Obama Jr:

As seen above, an INS official noted with question marks that Obama Sr. neglected to list his spouse and child.

Sham marriage?

The incorrect rendering of his wife’s name and the omission of his son suggests Obama Sr. didn’t take the marriage or the child seriously.

A memo in Obama Sr.’s immigration file April 12, 1961, provides additional confirmation that Obama Sr. gave no indication he was living the life of a husband and father.

The document memorializes a phone call from a Mrs. McCabe, identified as a foreign student adviser at the University of Hawaii.

The memo, presented below, begins by expressing McCabe’s concern that Obama was married to Stanley Ann Dunham Feb. 2, 1961, even though he had a wife in Kenya.

McCabe told the INS that Obama Sr. “has been running around with several girls since he first arrived here and last summer she cautioned him about his playboy ways.”

Given Barack Obama Jr.’s birthdate of Aug. 4, 1961, Ann Dunham was presumably pregnant with Barack Obama Sr.’s child while he continued to pursue other women as he lived alone in his bachelor apartment near the university.

The last paragraph of the memo further makes clear that the INS had become sufficiently suspicious to doubt that the marriage between Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham was legitimate:

Recommend that Subject be closely questioned before another extension is granted – and denial be considered. If his USC (U.S. Citizen) wife tries to petition for him make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bene-fide (sic) of the marriage.

The author of the memo, INS official Lyle H Dahlin, handwrote at the bottom of the memo that the INS advice at the time was that no immediate action should be taken, while noting the importance of complying with the last paragraph quoted above.

Clearly, Barack Obama Sr. and Dunham were not living together as husband and wife after their supposed marriage and while Dunham was pregnant.

Additionally, Barack Obama Sr.’s “playboy ways” gave the INS reason to suspect the marriage had been arranged to provide Obama Sr. a U.S. citizen wife that would enable him to extend his visa for family reasons.

By the time he departed Honolulu for Cambridge, Obama Sr. seems to have abandoned listing the marriage and child, perhaps recognizing that the subterfuge of arguing the marriage was legitimate would no longer pass the suspicion and scrutiny of the INS.

WND previously reported that no marriage license has been found for Obama Sr. and Dunham, and that the address listed in the newspaper birth announcements for Barack Obama Jr. was the address of the grandparents.

In an INS form to extend his visa filled out at Cambridge, Mass., on April 21, 1964, Obama listed his wife as “Ann Obama,” a U.S. citizen, noting that they were in a “legal separation” entered into “2 months ago.”

Obama Sr. also listed that his child was a U.S. citizen, “Barack Obama 2nd,” a two-year old at the time.

For the address of his wife and son in Hawaii, Obama Sr. only listed “c/o University of Hawaii,” not a specific street address.

At this point the marriage was dissolved, removing any chance Obama Sr. might claim the U.S. citizen wife and child as a reason to be allowed to remain in the country.

Obama worked summers in Hawaii

When he first arrived at the University of Hawaii, Obama realized his savings would not be enough for him to complete his studies without additional financial resources.

Shurei Hirozawa reported in a Honolulu Star-Bulletin article Sept. 19, 1959, seen below, that the high cost of living in Hawaii was more than he anticipated, requiring him to seek work and scholarship aid:

The INS file also documents that Obama Sr. worked the summers of 1960 and 1961 to support himself in his university studies. There is no indication that he left the United States after his arrival in 1959 until he departed from New York July 6, 1964, after the INS had refused to extend his visa, denying him the opportunity to write his doctoral thesis at Harvard.

As seen above, Obama Sr. worked part time at the Dole Corporation, employed as an “ordinary summer worker” for $1.33 an hour, from August 1960 through September 1960.

As noted above, the INS gave permission in this visa extension to work up to 25 hours a week.

On the application, Obama checked the box indicating he planned to work during summer vacation to supplement funds for necessary maintenance expenses because he was “unable to get more financial assistance.”

This strongly suggests he planned to work through the summer of 1961 as well.

If, as some speculate, Ann Dunham went to Kenya to give birth to Barack Obama Jr., she went alone.

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