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This is the second in a series examining the role supporters of Barack Obama have played in forging fraudulent birth certificates..

NEW YORK – At the center of the network of Obama radical activists who forged and distributed a fraudulent Kenyan birth certificate in August 2009 was former California lawyer William L. Bryan.

Bryan posts as an Obama operative under the username “PJ Foggy” and lives in Raleigh, N.C., where he runs a flower shop.

Under the cover of his username, Bryan and his associates have engaged in an aggressive campaign to disrupt any and all attempts to pursue legal challenges to Obama’s eligibility, while seeking to ridicule in vile and abusive terms those who dare advance or support publicly such legal efforts.

In a manner reminiscent of Donald Segretti’s dirty tricks during the Watergate era, interfering in the 1970s with the political campaigns of such Democratic Party presidential hopefuls as then-Sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine, Bryan and his associates have utilized the Internet to plan and promote their disruptive name-calling efforts.

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Reading Bryan’s many Internet posts, there appears to be no concern that advertising their activities to “punk birthers” might draw attention to the various state or federal statutes they may have violated to achieve their aims.

Following a Saul Alinsky “ends justify the means” rationale, Bryan, posting on the Internet as “PJ Foggy,” has sought to protect Obama from legal scrutiny over eligibility questions by employing tactics designed to confuse, block, disorganize and discredit political enemies. His tactics have even reached the point of filing legal motions encouraging judges to impose penalties for misconduct on lawyers such as Orly Taitz who dared challenge Obama in court.

According to his profile on Linkedin.com, seen below, Bryan graduated from the University of Southern California Law School and received an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University in international economics.

Exhibit 1, listing for Bill Bryan, alias “PJ Foggy,” on Linkedin.com

Bryan’s photos online include one of him in his “Famous Red Cap” bearing the communist hammer and sickle, as seen in Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 2, Bill Bryan self-portrait with computer camera

The website of the State Bar of California provides documentation that Bryan is no longer eligible to practice law, as seen in Exhibit 3:

Exhibit 3, Bill Bryan’s status with the State Bar of California

The State Bar of California details that Bryan has a history of disciplinary actions based on his failure to provide his clients appropriate legal assistance, a condition that stems from manic depression, substance abuse and a history of family problems, as detailed in Exhibit 4:

Exhibit 4, William L. Bryan discipline summary

Bryan is the self-professed ring-leader of a disinformation arm that developed after the break-up of an earlier group of Obama activists organized at Obamahub.net.

In the break-up of Obamahub.net, two groups formed – Politijab.net and TheFogbow.com, two sites that compete for the title of being the go-to resource on the political left for “debunking the lies of the ‘birther’ movement and discussing birther antics.”

Bryan, the prime organizer behind TheFogbow.com, is also an administrator at Politijab.net.

In the undated Internet post in Exhibit 5, Bryan explains how his username evolved.

Exhibit 5, PJ Foggy describes the evolution of his username

In various posts, Bryan has made clear that in addition to sending attorney Taitz the fraudulent Kenyan “Bomford birth certificate,” he has made various attempts to influence various judges before whom Taitz has brought eligibility law suits, as seen in Exhibits 6 and 7:

Exhibit 6, undated PJ Foggy Internet post

Exhibit 7, undated PJ Foggy Internet post

Bryan’s many Internet posts under “PJ Foggy” boast of activities that suggest a borderline concern with the law in efforts that cross the line from ridicule to active measures to harass eligibility litigants.

In the email presented below as Exhibit 8, Bryan bragged in a way that suggested he and others had organized in-person efforts designed to interfere in the cases of police officer Ronald C. Dischler in Beaumont, Texas, and Navy Lt. Com. (Ret.) Walter Fitzpatrick III of Monroe County, Tenn., two clients of Orly Taitz who tried to bring eligibility cases against Obama, as seen in Exhibit 8.

Exhibit 8, undated PJ Foggy Internet post

Despite no longer being licensed to practice law, a legal brief prepared by Bryan has surfaced (Exhibit 9) demonstrating that he continues to file arguments with judges in cases in which Taitz has brought eligibility litigation, in a continuing effort to disrupt litigation and obtain court-imposed penalties upon her for misconduct.

Exhibit 9, legal brief prepared by William Bryan for an Orly Taitz legal case

A video archived on BirtherReport.com features Bryan in his role as Obama Internet operative PJ Foggy.

Attorney Mario Apuzzo and his client, Com. Charles Kerchner, have reason to be concerned about Bryan.

As Exhibit 10 makes clear, Bryan utilized screen names other than PJ Foggy to boast of his efforts to derail Kerchner’s litigation.

Exhibit 10, undated Internet posts

Here, “commander” is a reference to Kerchner, and “Putzy” refers to Apuzzo. In the post, Bryan suggests he had advance inside information that suggested Kerchner’s case would be rejected by the Supreme Court before the court had rendered any decision.

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