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A retired U.S. military commander who brought a court challenge to Barack Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office says the mounting evidence indicating the “Certificate of Live Birth” he released in April is fake should shock the American public.

“If everyone was intellectually honest, they would admit those images put on the Internet are forgeries,” said CDR Charles Kerchner, whose lawsuit that alleged Congress failed in its constitutional duty to make sure the man elected president was eligible for the office, was turned down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

He cited the work released this week by longtime Adobe software book author and computer expert Mara Zebest.

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Her detailed report explains how the document released in April by Obama as a copy of his original birth certificate isn’t even a good forgery.

“This is a 100 times worse situation in that it is not just a crime of some plumbers breaking into an opponent’s office, this is a crime against the Constitution and all the people of the United States. Obama is not who he says he is. These are forged documents on government property. Before it was a campaign website, now these are government websites,” Kerchner told WND today.

Joseph Farah, publisher of WND books, who held a news conference featuring Zebest’s research this week at the National Press Club with Jerome Corsi, author of
“Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President,” agreed.

“This is bigger than Watergate,” he said after the news conference where it was announced that a lawsuit had been filed against Esquire magazine over its faked “report” that falsely claimed the Corsi book was withdrawn.

Kerchner was just one of a number of high-profile leaders who have challenged Obama’s eligibility to express alarm at the idea that a sitting president would release to the public a document that is being described as a forgery.

Others include Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, who is working through several outreaches to restore integrity to U.S. politics; Orly Taitz, the California lawyer who has spearheaded some of the biggest legal confrontations with Obama’s supporters; Philip Berg, the Pennsylvania lawyer who first brought the issue of Obama’s apparent ineligibility to the U.S. court system; and Floyd Brown of the Western Journalism Center, who has campaigned for Obama’s impeachment.

‘He’ll do anything’

Kerchner believes there’s evidence Obama’s placement in the White House was orchestrated, and now that the façade that was created for him is cracking, no holds are barred.

“He’s desperate,” Kerchner told WND. “He’ll do anything to survive. He’s way overconfident that the media is never going to do a thing to investigate [and] so far he’s right.”

However, he said, “At some point the truth is going to come out and the house of cards is going to fall.”

Kerchner, even though his court case did not succeed in obtaining documentation about Obama, has continued with a campaign of ads that probe the issue with question after question.

His latest asks, “We have a criminal and forger in the White House! Why isn’t Speaker John Boehner investigating? Call or write and ask him.”

“This is not a fringe issue of concern by only a few Americans. In the latest poll, 50 percent of the American people said they want Obama investigated by the Congress. It is time for U.S. House Speaker Boehner to take action and call for investigations in the House of Reps of Obama’s criminal activities,” he said.

Kerchner was referring to a WND Wenzel poll showing that even 28 percent of Democrats want Congress to investigate, meaning, according to pollster Fritz Wenzel, “There’s no marginalizing those who want this matter investigated.”

Kerchner’s promotion cites questions about a forged birth certificate, an “invalid” Social Security number and issues with Obama’s draft registration form.

He said Obama’s release of the birth document April 27 also moved the dispute to a new level.

“Not only is Obama (now that he stood at that podium on 27 April and said it was his BC) an accessory to the crime of forging a birth certificate and then placing that forged long form birth certificate onto government servers, but I also believe he is a co-conspirator in having it made,” Kerchner said.

‘Let’s see original’

California attorney Orly Taitz continues to fight some of the biggest cases that have been brought over Obama’s eligibility, including on behalf of other presidential candidates and members of the U.S. military, whose lives are dependent on the orders of a commander-in-chief who may not be qualified.

“I already have submitted a request for production of the original [Obama birth certificate] to the White House counsel,” she told WND today. The action comes as part of her Freedom of Information Act quest for details about how Obama ended up with a Social Security number normally assigned to Connecticut residents when Obama never lived in the state.

Taitz said that when the White House refused to respond, she followed up with another request as part of the requirements for pursuing such a document.

“There is going to be a lawsuit,” she said.

‘More holes than Swiss cheese’

Berg, who filed the first legal challenge to Obama’s presidency more than two months before the 2008 election, said, “I cannot believe the audacity of Obama to put forth this document. He was making a joke out of it. But it has more holes than Swiss cheese.”

He continued, “This is the biggest fraud against the United States of America in our history.”

Berg said records revealed that Obama was listed as a Muslim and was known as Barry Soetoro while he was a youth in Indonesia, and he believes that name never was formally changed.

“There’s no evidence he legally changed his name,” he said. “It’s unbelievable that members of Congress who know about this [haven’t acted].”

He blamed the traditional media in the U.S., who have offered Obama a great deal of support, for the situation.

“I believe if the New York Times [and others] made this the front page above the fold, Obama would be out of office.”

A ‘permanent political class’

Brown, of the Western Journalism Center, who also is integral to the ImpeachObamaCampaign, told WND the simple arrogance of presenting a questionable document stretches credulity.

“The notion that their hubris would be so great as to release a fraudulent document to prove the legitimacy of a president is beyond anything we’ve seen in American history,” he said. “It’s beyond Watergate. Beyond the arrogance of power shown by Bill Clinton.

“It is an absolute scandal but what I find even more scandalous, the absolute complete lack of courage by the Republican Congress to tackle any of these issues. The American people want an investigation of his eligibility.”

He said his organization alone already has delivered petitions from 2.5 million people to Congress demanding impeachment proceedings.

But he said members of Congress “totally and completely are ignoring the calls to action.”

That response, he said, is evidence of a “permanent political class [in Washington] committed to bigger, stronger, more invasive government. It includes the leadership inside the Republican Party.”

The solution, he said, is “wholesale change.”

‘You don’t lie, cheat or steal’

Vallely, a retired major general, national security expert and Fox News contributor, now of Stand Up America US, said all that is needed to restore the nation is “honest and upright” members of Congress pursuing the goals of the Constitution.

“When you go back to the basics, the Constitution, the rule of law, what we had at West Point, ‘You don’t lie, cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does,'” he said.

“We need to have those kinds of virtues in our government more today than ever,” he said. “We have a whole gang of dishonest and corrupt individuals in our government today.”

“Where are the honest, upright members of the Senate and Congress. None of them will challenge this president … on the deceitful and treasonous things that they are doing: His bypassing the War Powers act, basically bypassing many other things.”

He said Obama “will say what he wants to say to boost his own image and reelection campaign.”

It’s urgent, he said, that Obama depart the White House even before the 2012 election.

The disputed image released by Obama, which has been called a fake by numerous document, computer and imaging analysts:

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